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'Fear the Walking Dead,' Season 2 premiere: By land or by sea

Both Madison and her daughter, Alicia, have to learn not everyone can be trusted in this new world, and not everyone should be saved.


Both Madison and her daughter, Alicia, have to learn not everyone can be trusted in this new world, and not everyone should be saved.



Rule number 1: This is Strand's boat

Rule number 2: This is STRAND'S boat

Rule number 3: This is Strand's g** d*** boat.

Madison Clark, Travis Manawa and their family learned the rules of the end of the world the hard way on Sunday's premiere of Fear the Walking Dead's second season.

The last time we saw Madison, Travis, her kids Alicia and Nick, his son Christopher and the two remaining Salazars they were fleeing a soon-to-be-bombed Los Angeles aboard a yacht belonging to the mysterious Strand.

The world had just ended, and it ended fast. What started out as a sickness infecting hundreds turned into thousands dying and coming back as zombies to feast on the living.

Quarantines didn't work. Military action failed miserably. The government gave up before anyone had a chance to figure out what was going on.

Because of unpreparedness and ignorant innocence, the family of five and their new companions lost loved ones along the way.

Daniel Salazar lost his wife and mother of his daughter, Ofelia, when they tried to flee to safety.

Travis had to shoot his ex wife and mother of his son, Christopher, after she was bitten by one of the undead.

Both Travis and Christopher are mourning and reeling from the loss of Liza in their own ways. Christopher lashes out and refuses to leave his mother's body's side on the boat while Travis just tries to talk to him.

Daniel calls what Travis did a mercy and says he wishes he could've done the same for his wife, who died alone in a quarantine camp.

'Monster' opens with the survivors struggling to get their things into Strand's boat, ‘Abigail,' while avoiding a burning city and the undead overtaking the coast.

Where are they going on this fancy yacht? Nobody knows. According to Strand, "the whole world is I don't know right now."

The episode sets up each person for what kind of character they are going to be in the aftermath of the apocalypse and how they are going to deal with tremendous loss.

Travis is a sort of leader, but doesn't yet want to bear that burden or responsibility, especially after having to kill someone.

Madison is tough, but needs to form a different sense of practicality. She's a helper and a saver, but needs to learn not everyone can or should be saved.

Alicia and Christopher both mourn losses in their own ways. He hasn't come to grips of the world around him because he only sees his mother's dead body. She seems lost among everyone else's chaos, but still has to learn no one can be trusted in this new world.

Then there is Nick, described as the "perfect child of the apocalypse." He knows death, he's seen it and has come close to it a few times. If anyone can make sense and function properly in a chaotic world, it's Nick the addict.

Strand is just mysterious. He's going to remain that way until we get more details. All we know is that he is/was wealthy, and made plans to flee the city long before any mention of bombs.

Time will tell why he was leaving and why he agreed to save Nick and his family.

This season opener wasn't explosive or particularly bloody. Though it did have an epic death involving a zombie and a lifeboat propeller. Gross, yet awesome.

However, Fear's second season premiere dove right into the theme The Walking Dead addressed later on: people are the real monsters.

Alicia was just trying to be helpful and reach others over the portable radio. She reached a guy, talking to him for a few hours and blindly trusting him.

They later sail right into the path of a wrecked boat that seems to have been sabotaged.

Strand is furious, thinking Alicia led dangerous people right to them.

After the screams and cries for help from other boaters in the area, you can't really blame her for trying.

It's yet another cast of characters we have to watch struggle to survive and learn the hard way not to trust anyone but their own family.

Again, it wasn't an explosive season premiere. Chris punches Travis for trying to console him after giving Liza a funeral at sea, Madison bickered with Strand over saving a stranded boat full of people and Daniel caught a sizable black eel for dinner.

An apocalypse on the water isn't as full of waterlogged zombies as I had hoped.

However, rumors are swirling that Fear's second season will address the origins of the zombie virus that wiped out millions. Avid The Walking Dead fans have been waiting years for a definitive answer.

Don't forget, a character from mini web series Flight 462 will join Fear's cast sometime this season. Unfortunately, the web series ends without showing who survived, so we will have to just wait and see.

Hopefully Fear won't make us wait six months for answers like another show we know.

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