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First look: Three reasons to be excited about Rainn Wilson's 'Backstrom' pilot




It seems like every other day now we hear about another pilot getting picked up for the fall TV season. Some of them sound great. Some of them ... eh, not so much.

But the recent announcement that Rainn Wilson's pilot Backstrom has been picked up by Fox is some of the more exciting TV news we've heard lately. The crime drama from Bones creater Hart Hanson was originally picked up by CBS early last year, but it never became a series. Fox has stepped in, giving the show a 13-episode order.

Lucky for us, Wilson posted this glimpse of the show on his Twitter account back in September. It appears to follow many of the standard network television tropes we're seeing more and more of these days. 1. It's based on something foreign (Swedish writer Leif G.W. Persson’s book series). 2. It's about an irascible white man who everyone puts up with because he's good at his job (see: Draper, White, House). In this case, it's Wilson's Detective Everett Backstrom, who leads his Serious Crimes Unit through Portland's most sensitive cases. 3. It's only been picked up for 13 episodes, half of a typical network order, which seems more and more the way networks prefer to do business (Hostages, Intelligence and Sleepy Hollow are all following the miniseries pattern this year).


Despite all the ways this seems like an ordinary procedural, we're hopeful it'll turn into something more entertaining. Here's why:

1. Rainn Wilson is a treasure. Wilson made a name for himself on NBC's The Office as beet-farming, Battlestar Galactica-loving Dwight Schrute. Even in the Backstrom clip below, in which he's lost the nerdy glasses, has some scruffy facial hair and dresses a lot better, it's hard to not think of Dwight. Maybe that's because the humanity and comedic instincts Wilson brought to that character are still very much at play here -- and that's a good thing. Most procedurals -- like Bones, or House, or The Good Wife -- are best when they let comedy slip in amid all the drama. And Wilson should infuse Detective Backstrom with plenty of deadpan humor.

2. It's not on CBS. It's a good thing this show landed where it did. Instead of being buried amid the glut of mediocre procedurals on CBS, this show will air on Fox, home to successful misanthropes like Gregory House and Jack Bauer. In fact, Fox was home to one of the best new dramas of 2013, a show that managed to stay great and interesting despite being a procedural of sorts: Sleepy Hollow.

3. Two words: Mamie Gummer. Would it surprise you to learn that Meryl Streep's daughter is a very good and compelling actress? Gummer had a starring role in a CW pilot last year (Emily Owens, M.D.) that failed to get picked up for a second season. That was a shame, because the few times we've seen her elsewhere on TV (like as a seemingly ditzy lawyer on The Good Wife), we've wanted more. So we're thrilled to see she'll star opposite Wilson as an openly gay detective. Honestly, we expected this character to read like many of the other female roles on these types of shows -- a serious foil for the difficult man's antics, somehow who's there to react but has little to say themselves. But, much like Sleepy Hollow's Abbie, it sounds like Gummer's character will actually be interesting on her own. What a concept!

Look for Backstrom on Fox this fall.

[Last modified: Thursday, January 9, 2014 3:30pm]


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