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'Game of Thrones,' Season 6 Episode 2: What is dead may never die

It's all happening so fast.

Forget about Bran's return and his time travelling. Forget about the death of not one, but two important Lords, both brutally murdered by their own family. Forget about Tyrion's emotional encounter with Daenerys' dragons and setting them free. Forget about Ramsay reminding us how savage he can be.

None of those things seem very important anymore.

The thing fans have been hoping and praying for since the end credits of season five happened.

Jon Snow is back.

All hail Melisandre, the Red Woman. We hated her from the beginning but now she climbed her way to the top of every Thrones' fan list. She brought our boy back.

Too bad she wasn't around to witness her work.

Before Jon gasped back to life  and woke Ghost up from his snooze  Davos and his few men were ready to defend themselves against Alliser Thorne's tyranny. As Thorne's men were breaking down Davos' door, the wildings and their giant arrived.

The wildlings used to be sworn enemies of the men of the Night's Watch, but because of Jon's mercy they were saved from the White Walkers. They owe him.

Giants are pretty freaking scary, so I don't blame Thorne's men for immediately dropping their weapons after watching one of their comrades get used as a play toy.

Thorne is thrown in a cell and all is back to normal, sort of. They just need their beloved commander back.

Davos goes to Melisandre, who's put back on her magic necklace making her not an old woman. She still looks defeated, like someone who's lost all hope and light.

Setting aside their differences, Davos begs her for any source of magic to bring Jon back. She denies knowing of such sorcery, then shares doubts that she could even perform the ritual.

She performs despite her lack of confidence. She throws his hair trimmings in fire, bathes the crusted blood away and recites enchantments. Her repetition of a certain spell at the end oozes with desperation.

Defeated, she leaves, followed by the wildling leaders and Davos.

Ghost keeps on snoozing, not daring to leave Jon's side. All we hear is the crackling fire, until the camera zooms to Jon's pale face and he gasps back to life.

Praise the gods our boy is back.

If you stay too long you'll drown

‘Home' saw the return of another Stark: Bran. It's been years since we've seen him. Last time we saw him, Hodor and Myra, they had reached the tree of the Three-Eyed Raven. Now that he's inside this cozy tree cave, able to be a Warg safely and under guidance, the Raven takes him back to Winterfell. Not the current Winterfell, the Winterfell where his father, uncle and aunt are just children.

He sees his father, Ned Stark, play sparring with his uncle, Ben Stark, before his aunt, Lyanna Stark, rides through the courtyard on her horse. There's also a large boy named Willis, who we find out later becomes Hodor. Willis/Hodor used to talk and laugh and be liked by others. Even Bran can't get him to talk now.

Lyanna is a character we've only heard about, but never saw. That's because she was kidnapped by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, which sparked the rebellion that eventually put Robert Baratheon on the Iron Throne. You know how the rest ends.

This trip back in time may just be entertainment right now, but knowing Lyanna's fate will be important this season.
Bran is pulled out of this trip by the Raven, who says they shouldn't dwell too long in certain places no matter how pleasant they are.

I am Lord Bolton

In case we forgot how sick and demented Ramsay Bolton is, ‘Home' gave us a graphic reminder.

He hit a low when Theon and Sansa escaped, with another punch to the ego coming when his hunters were found dead.
On the bright side, he has a new baby brother. For, like, an hour.

Seconds after congratulating his father, Roose Bolton, on his new son and hearing a reminder from his father that he will always be his first born, Ramsay stabs his father in the stomach.

Ramsay, you could've just asked for the promotion.

Later he meets his stepmother, Lady Walda, and new brother in the courtyard. Instead of leading them to meet his father, he leads her and the baby into the kennels. Walda keeps asking where Lord Bolton is while Ramsay slowly unlocks the cages to the vicious hounds.

"I am Lord Bolton," he says.

They listen to him, not making a move until he gives the command. Walda starts to cry, clutching her newborn baby. She begs for mercy and for the life of Ramsay's little brother.

"I prefer to be an only child," he says before whistling a command for the dogs to attack. He watches his stepmom and little brother be eaten alive by dogs with the most triumphant look on his face.
What a spoiled brat.

The Drowned God, the Mountain and two dragons

We haven't seen Balon Greyjoy in a while, but here he is being grouchy as ever. His daughter, Yara, brings him news from the battlefront of a war that only he seems to be fighting. He still stakes his claim as a king, yet nobody else seems to care what's going on in Pyke.

While crossing this flimsy bridge to another tower in a rainstorm, he finds his long lost brother, Euron, who promptly throws Balon over the bridge after a little chit chat. What is it with family members killing each other to get promoted?

Yara technically should become Queen of the Iron Islands, but she's a woman and they have to vote blah blah blah. It looks like Yara will have to go up against her uncle for the Throne.

Though Theon just told Sansa he wishes to return to his home on Pyke in their conversation in the northern woods.

They're safely with Brienne and Pod now, and make plans to get Sansa to Castle Black to her brother, Jon. Theon has been like a brother to Sansa, and she has him to thank for her helping her escape Ramsay.

In King's Landing, Cersei is still dealing with the aftermath of being slut-shamed in the streets of a city she used to rule as queen. Luckily, there's this giant beast of a man called the Mountain to protect her. Seeing his smash a drunk guy's head to bits against a stone wall was oddly satisfying.

The only child she has left  King Tommen — bars her from attending her own daughter's funeral. When he finally goes to see her after her humiliation, her admits his wrongdoing, lack of strength and confidence and apologizes for hurting her.

He says he just doesn't want to lose her again. Cersei seems to accept his apology, but Tommen's punishment is far from over.

He may be king, but she is still his mother.

In Braavos, Arya is back to begging on the streets. The rude waif comes to fight her, Arya loses miserable and is left swatting at the air. Until Jaqen stops her stick.

He asks her name. She says no one. He says if a girl can give her name she can have shelter, food and her eyesight back. She still says no one, but he takes her back to the House of Black and White to hopefully continues her training and MAYBE restore her eyesight. 

Things aren't going well in Meereen since Daenerys left. They weren't going that well when she was there either. In a council meeting of sorts, Tyrion and Varys discuss the recent fleet burning and the issue of the two chained up dragons underneath them.

Tyrion proposes they set them loose, dragons aren't meant to be kept in captivity.

In one of the most tense moments, Tyrion walks into the dragon's lair talking to soothingly to Rhaegal and Viserion to get them to trust him. He tells a childhood story about wanting a dragon for his birthday, yet being disappointed when told they don't exist anymore. His emotions when getting to touch the two beasts was all of us.

He sets them both free, and we are left wondering if this is the worst decision Tyrion has ever made or the best.

Weeee Jon Snow is back. Melisandre did the thing we've all been hoping she could do. Her magic is kind of cool now.

But will she be the same after learning what she's done? Will Jon Snow be the same after being dead for days?

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