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'Game of Thrones,' Season 6, Episode 3: A promised prince

Arya Stark endures daily beatings in the House of Black and White, until she learns to fight back and truly become no one.


Arya Stark endures daily beatings in the House of Black and White, until she learns to fight back and truly become no one.

Davos' face when seeing Jon Snow alive is all of us.

He stands there, speechless, staring at Jon heaving on the table buck naked. Aside: where did the cloth covering his man bits go? The world may never know, nor will it care.

He's really alive. It wasn't some sick joke or trick of the eye.

He sits up, touches his many stab wounds and then the panic sets in. Davos rushes over to him with a cloak to cover and warm him.

Melisandre burst with a look that is also all of us. Her face screams, "Oh s*** I did that?!"

They immediately question him on where he went, what he remembers and what he saw after death. Still panicking, Jon exclaims he shouldn't be here, and there's nothing. He knows nothing, he saw nothing. Figures.

Before Davos ushers her outside, Melisandre makes a sly comment some viewers may have missed. She tells Jon, "Stannis was not the promised prince, but someone has to be." This comment is a hint to a hefty, popular theory swirling around the Game of Thrones fanverse, but we will get to that later.

Jon says' he's failed his men with his traitorous act of bringing the wildlings to castle black. But Davos corrects him and tells him to "go fail again."

His first appearance to the men of the Night's Watch is quiet and full of shocked faces. Some are full of questions, others full of fear. Tormund the wildling is full of d*** jokes and the ability to bring Jon back to earth.

He says some of the men think Jon is a god. Jon assure him he is no god. Tormund knows because he saw those man bits, and a god would be a bit more, ahem, endowed.

Moving on.

The Tower of Joy

Ah, yes. The flashback we've all been waiting for.

The Three-Eyed Raven brings Bran back to the fight Bran's father, Ned, boasted about his entire childhood. It was the raid that ended Robert's Rebellion and happened immediately after the Sack of Kings Landing and the murder of King Aerys II.

After all the fighting, Ned Stark and some of his companions set out for Dorne and the Tower of Joy to rescue his sister, Lyanna, from the clutches of the Targaryens.

The men they face guarding the tower are of the Kingsguard, and Ned questions why they aren't protecting their prince, Rhaegar.

Apparently, the prince wanted them at the tower, guarding whatever it held.

The guards refuse to back down and a fight ensues. These highly trained soldiers quickly pick of Ned's companions. The fight is narrowed down to Ned facing Ser Arthur Dayne, nicknamed the Sword of the Morning and one of the most skilled swordsmen to ever walk Westeros.

The moment Ned boasted to his sons about never actually happened. Ned was down and about to be killed by Dayne, until Howland Reed came up from behind and stabbed Dayne in the back. Ned finished the job by slicing his throat.

With Ned and Howland the only survivors, Ned quickly runs toward the tower and up the steps when Bran (who's invisible as a warg in this time period) calls out to his father.

Ned turns around, questioning what he heard. The Raven insists he and Bran return to the tree, placing his hand on his shoulder to bring them both back.

Bran is upset about having to return to the damn tree cave again when there's so much more history he wishes to see. The Raven reminds him if he stays too long in another world or time, he could lose the ability to come back.

The rest of the scene at the Tower of Joy hasn't played out for us yet, but the theory surrounding what Ned finds inside and what happens next is very important to the Stark family, to Jon Snow's fate and to Westeros' fate as a whole.

It all pertains to Lyanna Stark and the promise she made Ned keep on her deathbed and the reasons for her capture and death.
Hopefully Game of Thrones can clear up this theory next week so we can move on to the next one.

Mother's love

The Lannisters can't seem to catch a break. The small council of King Tommen, made up of his great uncle, an old, farting maester and members of the Tyrell family, won't let Cersei of Jamie sit with them. The only thing they have going for them is the monstrous Mountain looming over Cersei wherever she goes, and Maester Kyburn's recruitment of children to be his "little birds" who will gather secrets and messages for him.

The almost stalemate in the capitol between the royals and the high sparrows is about to his a fever pitch, with King Tommen cracking under the pressure and Cersei returning to full power over her family and the kingdom.

A girl has no name

Back inside the House of Black and White, Arya continues her training with the waif along with continuous questioning of her past. She explains her family history, how she got to where she is now and the people on her kill list. She's beaten daily by the waif, until finally she blocks one of her shots. Just as she's finally learned to navigate the world blind, Arya becomes "no one" and Jaqen gives back her sight.

The Dosh Khaleen

Daenerys is not doing so hot. She convinced the Khal not to use her as a sex slave, but now she must prove herself worthy of the Dosh Khaleen, the group of Khal widows. She's already upset them after not immediately joining after the death of Khal Drogo. If Jorah and Daario could get to her soon that would be great. But knowing the Mother of Dragons who definitely don't need no man, Daenerys will probably rescue herself.

Sam and Gilly

The two misfits of Castle Black are on a ship to Oldtown, where Sam plans to join the Citadel to become a maester. Except, they're making a stop at his home first - Horn Hill. He tells Gilly the Citadel doesn't allow women or children, so he wishes to keep them safe with his mother and sisters. She reluctantly agrees, and calls him the father of her son.

Tyrion and Varys

The interim rulers of Meereen finally make a break in the case against the Sons of the Harpy, but what they find is worse than they imagined. The people funding the Sons' takeover are the masters of the cities Daenerys previously conquered - Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis. Getting control of Meereen and these cities is going to be alot harder than they thought, and without Daenerys it will almost be impossible.

A gift for Ramsay

Rickon Stark is back, though now he's in the clutches of the most sadistic man in all of Westeros. And now the only Stark direwolf left is Ghost.

The end of Jon's watch

The joy of being alive again quickly faded for Jon. One of the first orders of business in his return is punishing the traitors who killed him. Four men, including Alliser Thorne and young boy Ollie, were sentenced to hang for their treason.

He gives them all a chance to say last words. Two sound terrified of drying, Thorne is still smug and appears to have no guilt for what he did and Ollie doesn't say a word. He just glares at Jon, the man who was supposed to be a mentor to him.

It clearly pained Jon to cut the line and watching these four men die slowly. When the bodies stopped shaking, he takes off his commander coat and hands it to his right hand man of the Night's Watch. Jon tells him Castle Black is his now, and Jon's watch has ended.

What's Jon going to do now, and where is he going to do? Not sure if he has many options, but I know a certain half sister of his could sure use his help right about now.

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