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'Game of Thrones,' Season 6, Episode 5: Hold the door

Bran made the mistake of letting the Night King see and touch him on Sunday's Game of Thrones.


Bran made the mistake of letting the Night King see and touch him on Sunday's Game of Thrones.

Dang, Game of Thrones. Back at it again with a dragon glass-tipped spear right in the feels.

Last week was the satisfying and tearful reunion of Sansa and Jon after years apart. Not to mention the budding romance between Brienne and Tormund that's taking the Internet by storm.

We all want someone to look at us the way Tormund looks at Brienne while gnawing on a piece of bread.

This week was Sansa presenting Jon with a handmade coat reminiscent of their father's, Daenerys forgiving Jorah for his betrayal and refusal to leave her side and the truth about Hodor's past and its relation to Bran's future.

Don't be surprised when people burst into tears when they hear someone say "hold the door." They're just Thrones fans.

Winter has come

Bran has been relatively enjoying his stay with the Three-Eyed Raven and warging out into the past.

He saw his father, uncle and aunt as children. He learned a little more about the Tower of Joy and the fight his father had always bragged about. He even saw a young Hodor when he was Willis and was able to speak.

In 'The Door,' Bran traveled to another heart tree and saw how the white walkers and the Night King were created. The Children of the Forest, who now live in the Raven's cave, created the white walkers.

Thousands of years ago, men migrated to Westeros and started purging the land of the Children and their habitats. Creating undead ice stalkers out of captured First Men was apparently the only way to stop the destruction.

And here we are now.

Alone, Bran travels to the same heart tree but in the dead of winter. He casually walks through an army of undead wights and straight up to the Night King and his soldiers. They all suddenly see him.

The Night King grabs his arm before he can warg to safety. Bran wakes up in the tree cave with an icy mark on his wrist.

Shortly after, the Night King and his army of the undead storm the tree cave. They kill everything in their path, including the Children. Leaf survives just long enough to distract the horde swarming through a tunnel like something out of our worst nightmares.

Through all this, Bran is warging back in Winterfell watching his young father and uncle.

In his dream, he's watching young Hodor tend to a horse. In reality, Mira and Hodor are desperately trying to escape the terrifying army of wights. They make it outside, but Hodor has to stay behind to hold the door so Mira can get Bran to safety.

As she runs into the snow, Mira keeps shouting "hold the door" to Hodor who repeats his name back to her.

In Bran's dream, Willis suddenly sees Bran and collapses into a fit. Shaking on the ground, young Hodor starts shouting "hold the door" over and over, which eventually dissolves into "hodor."

And that's how Hodor became Hodor. In the past and in the future, he sacrificed himself to save Bran.

I can still feel what he did to me

Sansa's next reunion was definitely not as cheerful as the one with Jon.

Petyr Baelish found out about her escape from Ramsay and invites her to meet in Mole's Town.

She barely gives him a chance to apologize or even admit to wrongdoing. She doesn't believe him nor does she trust him any longer.

Sansa makes him try to imagine the horrible things Ramsay did to her. He didn't hurt my face, she said, he needed my face.

He rescued her from monsters only to give her away to more monsters.

Back at Castle Black, Sansa, Jon and the rest are making plans to take back Winterfell. There's also the minor detail of a large army of white walkers almost at their back door, but that'll have to be taken care of later.

Making notes on a map of the North, Sansa and Jon pick out which families can be rounded up as allies.

Sansa casually throws in information from Petyr about her uncle and an army in Riverrun. For whatever reason, she lies to Jon about where she learned this. 

And then they're off to rally the troops for the impending battle. It's only a matter of time until Sansa reclaims her rightful place in Winterfell, but who will die to get her there?

Aside: The joy on Tormund's face when he sees Brienne is equal to the amount of disgust on her's. They're so adorable.

A girl questions the Faceless Men

Fresh off her second chance at becoming a nobody assassin, Arya gets her next job. Jaqen gives her the name of a local actress whose turn it is to die.

While doing a preliminary report on how best to kill this woman, Arya sees the actress is in a parody play about the demise of King Robert and subsequent beheading of her father, Ned Stark.

This obviously unsettles her.

Backstage, she makes a mental note that the woman fancies rum. Arya tells Jaqen she plans to poison the rum. She makes the mistake of questioning why the woman has to die now. She seems like a decent person, Arya says.

Jaqen tells her a price was paid for the woman's life, and to not question the will of the Many-Faced God again.

The princess that was promised

Daenerys is back leading a Dothraki army out of Vaes Dothrak. She forgives Jorah for betraying her and acknowledges his commitment after two banishments.

This time, Jorah takes his own leave. She commands he return to her when he's found a cure for his greyscale. Yeah, good luck with that.

In Meereen, Tyrion and Varys have hired a new representative to help cull the peace between slaves, masters and Daenerys' men.

She's another red priestess like Melisandre, but this one believes Dany is the promised one, not Jon Snow.

The next drowned king

Ah, the Kingsmoot. The joyous time of the century where the iron-born of Pyke shout claims and debate one another for a place as the next King of the Iron Islands.

Yara makes her claim, and Theon backs her up. But creepy Uncle Euron steps in for his claim next.

He admits to killing Balon Greyjoy and is only sorry he didn't do it sooner. He promises to bring the Iron Islands back to their former glory. He promises they will rule Westeros through supporting Daenery Targaryen as the rightful queen on the iron throne.

While Euron is performing his rituals to become the next drowned king, Yara, Theon and a bunch of men steal the entire fleet of ships in Pyke.

Where are they going? Probably as far away from Euron as they can possibly get.


Watching Thrones has become a lot more satisfying now that the show is clearing up backstories or certain characters.

Even though the Tower of Joy scene left us wanting, there's still much more to explore when it comes to revealing what Ned Stark found in that tower.

Thrones just killed off a beloved character, but it doesn't feel like an act of betrayal. Hodor's death feels right. It shows him in a better light than just being a dim husk of a man.

His ties to Bran and the Stark family go back a generation. It was only fitting that Hodor became Hodor because he held the door to save a Stark.

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