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Help me choose the best TV of the season, picking nominees in the TV Critics Association's TCA Awards

Kevin Spacey from Netflix's House of Cards is likely to get a vote for Individual Achievement, Drama in the Television Critics Association's TCA Awards.


Kevin Spacey from Netflix's House of Cards is likely to get a vote for Individual Achievement, Drama in the Television Critics Association's TCA Awards.

One thing we couch potatoes love to do almost as much as watch TV, is talk about it.

More precisely, deliver our opinions about it. That’s why the TV critic’s job is such an apt position for the ultimate fan of television; because loving a show isn’t nearly as cool, unless you’re able to share that love with other people, especially if they agree.

Here’s why I’m bringing up all this stuff you likely already know if you’re reading this blog; the TV Critics Association is asking us members to choose the initial nominees for the TCA Awards, the honors we give out each year at the group’s summer press tour.

It’s a way for us critics cranking out reviews each day online and in newspapers to express our opinions about which shows deserve our critical praise as an organization. Emmys are cool, but they’re often voted on by people who are too busy making television to watch a whole lot of it – our TCA awards come from people who get paid to watch TV everyday.

All that said, I’d love to get your help in picking the shows that will be our nominees in the first round of voting. Later, once the nominees have been tabulate,d I’ll for your thoughts on the winners.

Categories include Individual Achievement in drama and comedy; overall achievement in news and information; Reality Programming; youth programming; movies, miniseries and specials; overall comedy and drama; career achievement and program of the year. We also have a heritage award, given to programs with a wide-ranging impact and at least five years of age.

So far, my list of performers includes Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys from FX’s The Americans; Elizabeth Moss from IFC Channel’s Top of the Lake; Kevin Spacey and Corey Stoll of House of Cards; Louie C.K.; Justified; Big Bang Theory (yes, I’m finally admitting how good it is); CBS’ Elementary (yes, you should finally admit how good it is); Breaking Bad; Dean Norris from Breaking Bad; and Game of thrones (despite how it broke my heart Sunday night); Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Tonight Show executive producer Lorne Michaels.

But who and what are on your list of shows? And where should they go? House of Cards for program of the year? Or should Netflix be honored instead for bringing Arrested Development back from cancellation purgatory? A Heritage Award for Michaels and Saturday Night Live?

Please feel free to let me know in the comments section or on social media. And be quick; I have until midnight Wednesday to make my first picks.

[Last modified: Monday, June 3, 2013 3:08pm]


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