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Here's the trailer for Sunday's midseason finale of 'The Walking Dead'



AMC and the folks on The Walking Dead are promising that "some will fall" during Sunday's midseason brouhaha between Rick & Co. and the Governor & Co. The last time the One Eyed Gov went after the prison, the bloodshed and brouhaha were minimal, a total letdown. Showrunner Scott Gimple and the writers have had a topsy-turvy one-step-forward season, but despite their creative indecision, they must know they need to doink someone. You can't keep having wars without casualties. That said, I have a feeling that Hershel's going down. Whenever a character represents goodness and hope -- well, they usually bite the dust. Dale, Sophia, that nice hippie couple a couple weeks ago. With Hershel 86'd, the show can follow that dark, doomy path that Gimple and his cohorts so want to go down. Besides, if they jettison Michonne or Daryl, this season's already dipping ratings are going to nosedive.

[Last modified: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 2:33pm]


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