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Sean Daly, Michelle Stark and Sharon Kennedy Wynne

Here's the trailer for 'The Walking Dead''s 2014 Season 4 second-half return



This trailer doesn't reveal much, or anything, about The Walking Dead's Season 4 second-half return on Feb. 9, 2014. Looks like the crew -- with the help of Hershel, without the menace of the Governor -- is busting a Willie Nelson, on the road again. We get a few zombie hijinks. We see a ticked-off Carl, who might just go full Rambo now that his baby sister Judith is dead (or is she?). The only pure tease is a final image of Carl unable to wake dad Rick from a couchly slumber. What's up with that? Will Carol come back? Will Michonne and Daryl finally hook up? Who will the new villain be? Guess we'll find out in a couple months...

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