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Hope you enjoy 'Star Trek Beyond' because a fourth movie is coming

Chris Hemsworth will reprise his brief role as George Kirk from the 2009 movie.


Chris Hemsworth will reprise his brief role as George Kirk from the 2009 movie.



Resistance is futile.

Okay, yes, I know that's from another Star Trek series, but all-conquering alien maxim fits...

Less than a week before releasing Star Trek Beyond, Paramount has announced it plans a fourth movie in the rebooted film series. I guess they're banking on Beyond to be a nerd-boosted box office success, even though the studio isn't showing it to most critics, including the Times' Steve Persall. (The same thing recently happened with Independence Day: Resurgence, and you saw how that turned out.)

No title or release date was announced, but the sequel will feature Chris Hemsworth reprising his super brief role of Capt. Kirk's father, George Kirk, from the 2009 movie that started the new franchise.

In case you forgot, Capt. Kirk Sr. died in those few minutes when he crashed a ship into a Romulan one. Whether that means Star Trek 4 (really Star Trek 14, I think) a prequel or some time-traveling jumble is anyone's guess. (The first reboot movie, after all, was such a jumble.)

Much like the new Star Trek TV series coming to CBS's streaming service in 2017, about which we still know nothing. All we've got is this lame trailer. And the upsetting news that Netflix will distribute the show in 188 countries around the world ... but not the United States and Canada, where CBS is trying to force us to use its All Access streaming service.

[Last modified: Monday, July 18, 2016 2:26pm]


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