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How to see and edit your really weird Friends Day video on Facebook

This guy has some moves, I'll give him that.


This guy has some moves, I'll give him that.



Today is, apparently, Friends Day, or, more appropriately, #friendsday.

That's what Facebook, the social media site where you add "friends," has branded today in celebration of its 13th anniversary of existing (even though founder Mark Zuckerberg has previously celebrated Facebook's birthday on Feb. 4, but whatever). 

To celebrate, Facebook has created a customized video for you in which your friends combine, Voltron-style, into a flexible man doing an interpretive dance. It's as odd as it sounds. 

How good is Facebook at knowing which friends you'd want included in this franken-friend dancing-man?

Well, my own personalized video features, in order of appearance:  a former co-workers' cat, some dude I connected with for work purposes and have never met, my dad, my ex-girlfriend's uncle, a picture of myself, and a woman I haven't seen since high school. Am I doing Facebook wrong? 

Luckily(?), there's an option to edit your Friends Day video and insert the friends you want. 

If you want to see your own Friends Day video, open Facebook and type "friends day video" into the search bar. It will be the first result that comes up.




[Last modified: Thursday, February 2, 2017 1:24pm]


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