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Interview: Josh Groban talks TV, Kimmel and Kanye

Josh Groban raises us up and tickles our funny bone -- what a man!

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Josh Groban raises us up and tickles our funny bone -- what a man!



Even Josh Groban calls his music "as serious as a heart attack." And yet, in the wake of You Raise Me Up, the dreamy poperatic belter has revealed himself to be funny as a whoopee cushion too, spoofing his solemn, so-earnest image in movies (Crazy Stupid Love) and on television (Glee, The Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

Groban, who plays the Tampa Bay Times Forum on Nov. 8, had his top ha-ha moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, doing a subversively hilarious bit that has since garnered more than 5 million YouTube hits: "Josh Groban's The Best Tweets of Kanye West," in which the straight-faced crooner makes music out of such loopy, and real, Kanye Twitter musings as "Man...whatever happened to my antique fish tank?"

During a 20-minute phone interview, I told Groban that his uplifting take on "I make awesome decisions in bike stores" could have been a big hit. "I gave up some of my best melodies for that bit!" he said. "They literally put the tweets in front of me and gave me a mike and a piano and said go. Every one of those melodies was off the cuff."


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