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Jimmy Kimmel stages glorious mini 'Friends' reunion on his show




Allow us to send you into the long Labor Day weekend with this delightful tidbit: a mini Friends reunion happened on Jimmy Kimmel's show Wednesday.

Kimmel asks his guest Jennifer Aniston to read some lines with him from a Friends script he wrote. Well, "more than" read lines: They take to a full-on reproduction of the classic show's kitchen set to recreate an episode, complete with laugh track and music cues. Kimmel is Ross, natch, and before long, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow show up, too. Where are Joey and Chandler? Dead from Marcel the Monkey's rabies, according to Kimmel.

Cox and Kudrow are so game ("How YOU doing?"), even though the whole script is about Ross' penchant for love-making. Aniston seems majorly put-off by the whole thing, but we're hoping it's just her awesome comedic acting skills on display. Our fave part? When Kimmel scolds them all for not taking it seriously: "Can everyone please try acting like you've been on a TV set before and read the lines? This isn't some kind of improv camp, this is television."

The whole thing is apparently tied to next month being the 20th anniversary of the NBC show's premiere, which is frightening on many levels, including "Wow, can we really be that old?" and "How does Jennifer Aniston still look better than everyone on the planet?"

[Last modified: Thursday, August 28, 2014 10:33am]


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