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Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner joke/cut close to home on 'Chelsea Lately'

Chelsea Lately



Listen, I kinda hate myself for watching/posting the following sketch. I'm not a rabid Kardashian follower, although I guess I've become more of one now that Kim is sapping the lifeblood out of Kanye. (Or maybe it's the other way around??? Sapppp.) Plus let's be honest: We're all tracking at least a couple of 'em on Instagram. It's okay. They're a good-looking crew. That said, we'd probably (definitely) be better off -- you know, as a universe -- with less of Those Krazy Kidz in our lives. And yet, Tuesday's mock-trial gag on E!'s Chelsea Lately featuring Khloe (the "No. 3" child) going off on mama Kris Jenner is inherently watchable stuff. Yes, it's scripted, and it's funny (Khloe calling her mom "QVC" is great). But it also feels kinda-maybe real, which makes it even more mesmerizing, and sad, and squirmy. There's also a significant viewer guilt factor: I sense things are going to end badly for the Kardashians, if it's not happening already. Okay, I'm going to read Tolstoy now. Enjoy...or not. 

[Last modified: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 2:50pm]


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