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Knock 'Em Dead: Why 'The Walking Dead' should bump off half the cast on Sunday's finale

Cameron Cottrill / Tampa Bay Times



It's time to thin the herd. There are too many heartbeats, too many breathers. So Sunday at 9 on AMC, open up the zombie buffet, I say. If The Walking Dead wants to survive and advance into a strong fifth season, the No. 1 show on cable television needs to end its wildly uneven fourth season by knocking off — oh, let's say — half its cast, which has become way too cumbersome. The show has suffered from a cavalcade of characters and plotlines. We've routinely lost touch with crucial heroes because endless, and weaker, narratives need tending.

We want Dead, not Dynasty.

So kill Maggie. Glenn, too. Keep Tyreese and his mighty hammer. Save Big Baby Judith. But give the heave-ho to Bob, Tara and her twisted ankle, Dr. Eugene, Sgt. Abraham Ford, Singing Beth (definitely Singing Beth). Carol's cutthroat. You saw how she capped Crazy Lizzie amid the flowers. She snuffed out Ty's main squeeze, too. Let Carol bump off some people!

As a devout fan of the postapocalyptic blood feast, I'm even prepared to sacrifice my favorite characters — Carl, Michonne, vavoomish Rosita — if it means retaining the show's morbidly lonesome theme: that the battle between life and death is intimate, that we're all hopelessly alone and totally in deep. For weeks, survivors have been heading toward the sanctuary of Terminus, a '60s hippie commune gone creepy.

For a swath of characters on tonight's finale — byyye, Sasha — let's hope it really is "the end of the line."


[Last modified: Thursday, March 27, 2014 1:36pm]


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