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Leonardo DiCaprio needs to host 'Saturday Night Live' immediately

Leo and Jonah

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Leo and Jonah



This weekend, Leonardo DiCaprio showed up during buddy Jonah Hill's Saturday Night Live monologue and did a hilarious bit that culminated in the two recreating an iconic Titanic moment. Yeah, it was pretty incredible. And good on Hill for not only being a two-time Oscar nominee but also being good enough pals with the notoriously serious Leo that he'd show up on SNL without having ever hosted the show himself.

Hill, a three-time host, presided over a fine show, but we couldn't stop thinking how great it would be to see Leo himself dive into the silliness at Studio 8H. The fact that he's never hosted SNL isn't necessarily surprising, though it does seem like a travesty, considering how game he is in that cameo and how funny he can be (more on that below). Pick up the phone, Lorne Michaels, Leo needs to return to the SNL stage. Here's why:

  • Leo needs to loosen up. Yes, he's a serious Actor, and for the better part of the 2000s he took on the same sort of boring, serious role, that of the nice guy to whom terrible things happen (see: The Departed, Inception, Shutter Island). Those are all great performances. But despite adoring DiCaprio (I saw Titanic at a very formative age and a Tiger Beat obsession soon followed), even I was getting bored with him. Thankfully, he ditched that persona in recent years and made some surprising choices with movies like Django Unchained, in which he plays a heinous villain, and The Wolf of Wall Street, in which he gives one his best, funniest performances in years. Hosting SNL would give him a great chance to try out lots of different characters, something he's obviously very good at, plus it would allow him to be silly. And as his cameo Saturday proved, a silly Leo is a good thing.
  • He's great at physical comedy. If you saw Wolf of Wall Street, you know the scene we're talking about. Leo's character Jordan Belfort takes too many Quaaludes but decides to drive home anyway, at which point Leo has to writhe on the floor and slink down a flight of stairs and attempt to open the car door using only his foot. It's hysterical. Where has this Leo been all our lives?
  • Making fun of Leo is fun. If this Golden Globes joke taught us anything, it's that making fun of Leonardo DiCaprio is really fun, because Leo has a perfect life. He's a wildly successful actor who also happens to be one of the most attractive people on the planet, and he gets to date gobs of supermodels. Even Leo cracked up at that Globes joke, because making fun of someone like him for being rich and famous is always a good time.

In case you missed it, check out Leo's untapped SNL potential here:


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