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Lonely Thanksgiving: A (triumphant!) Salute to Loneliness Playlist

Go ahead. Do it. Dance on your own.


Go ahead. Do it. Dance on your own.



Editor's note: Thanksgiving. A time for the entire family to gather around the table, smiling and laughing over a golden turkey as if life is just one big Publix commercial. Fortunately, some people actually get that experience. But many others don't. Maybe you and your family live in totally different states. Maybe you just don't have a family. Maybe you have chosen a family of friends. Or maybe you just don't want to talk to your family at all. We got you covered. All week, we're bringing you our Guide to Lonely Thanksgiving. Our critics and writers have offered their best advice for going the holiday alone, from TV to reading to eating out. It doesn't have to be a pity party. If you do it right, you can be thankful for your solitude, too.



All By Myself. Alone Again, Naturally. Heartbreak Hotel. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.

When you think of songs about loneliness, these are among your most tear-jerking staples. The black, suffocating void of loneliness has always been a favorite topic of touchy-feely lyricists.

It's a little harder, however, to make loneliness sound fun. And yet as any introvert knows, there's nothing wrong with a party for one, particularly if you're behind on your Netflix or just can't deal with the family.

So this Thanksgiving, as you're thawing Boston Market turkey medallions and settling in to binge-watch Jessica Jones, plug in your noise-cancelling earbuds (no judgment!) and fire up our Salute to Loneliness Playlist.

1. Dancing On My Own, Robyn: “I'm giving it my all, but I'm not the girl you're taking home. I keep dancing on my own.” If it's empowering enough for Lena Dunham on Girls, it's empowering enough for you.

2. I, Kendrick Lamar: Shout it out now: “I love myself!” There are no bad moods a good Isley Brothers sample can't cure.

3. The Man, Aloe Blacc: “Go ahead and tell everybody: I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the man.” More a Stuart Smalley-style affirmation than a song about loneliness, but sometimes when you're all alone, that's exactly what you need.

4. Me, Myself And I, Beyonce: You could also go with the De La Soul classic by the same name, but Beyonce's 2003 jam is a perfect anthem for all the newly single ladies in the house. “I took a vow that from now on, I'mma be my own best friend.” You tell 'em, Bey.

5. Lonely Boy, the Black Keys: On the other hand, if you're still with your beloved, but you find yourself stuck apart this weekend, howl along with that dirty dog Dan Auerbach: “I got a love that keeps me waiting...”

6. I Wanna Talk About Me, Toby Keith: Tired of feeling ignored? Toby Keith feels your pain. You guys should get together and talk about what you think, what you like, what you know, what you want, what you see.

7. Online, Brad Paisley: No one's checking out MySpace these days, but Paisley's pre-Catfish ode to one's Internet identity still resonates in the era of Facebook and Instagram. Let everyone else suffer from FOMO for once!

8. My Life, Billy Joel: I don't care what you say anymore, this is my list, and My Life belongs on it. Sooner or later, you sleep in your own space, and it's okay to wake up with yourself.

9. Another Saturday Night, Sam Cooke: Sure, he's “in an awful way,” but at least he hasn't given up on meeting the right girl — or girls. “If I could meet 'em, I could get 'em, but as yet I haven't met 'em.” There's always next weekend, Sammy.

10. Me Against the World, Tupac. “Nothing to lose, it's just me against the world, baby.” You and me both, Pac. I always knew we were kindred spirits.

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