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Michael Phelps gave a rival swimmer the #Phelpsface and Twitter exploded

Michael Phelps' Phelpsface was compared to several villainous characters from "Star Wars."


Michael Phelps' Phelpsface was compared to several villainous characters from "Star Wars."



Michael Phelps made a face Monday night.

It wasn't a "game face," because that would imply it was the face of a man who was playing a game, and oh, it is not that. It wasn't a "death stare," because this face made it seem like death would be a welcome relief from what Phelps wanted to do. This face was beyond current classification, so it must be known as Phelpsface, or, more accurately, #Phelpsface, because Twitter is having a blast with it.

Here's the face Michael Phelps made Monday during warm-ups for the 200-meter butterfly semifinal.


Here's a closer look, but don't stare too hard, the legends say it can steal your soul.


The stills came from a video of Phelps seated behind South African swimmer Chad Le Clos, a rival who beat Phelps to take the gold at the London Games in this very event. Phelps has reportedly been irked by that result ever since. Also, he doesn't seem to like Le Clos' dancing.


Here's where Photoshop Twitter went with it.







Phelps had the second fastest time in Monday's semifinals, while Le Clos finished fourth, "not bad considering it was the back end of a grueling double, coming less than an hour after he claimed silver in the 200 freestyle," The Associated Press wrote. They'll both race in tonight's final, being billed as the "rematch in Rio," as Phelps goes for the 20th gold medal of his career.

[Last modified: Tuesday, August 9, 2016 11:23am]


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