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More from 'Mad Men' season 7: Check out these new photos



AMC released today another peak into the new (and final!) season of Mad Men, which starts a month from tomorrow on Sunday, April 13. Last week, we got a teeny, tiny teaser trailer to hold us over; this week we get something a bit flashier.

The three photos above are in line with the trailer, which shows Don Draper (Jon Hamm) descending down a flight of stairs out of an airplane. These images all have to do with someone (presumably Don, Roger and Peggy) going somewhere on a plane. We could go down a giant rabbit hole analyzing just what these photos mean, but we do have to get some work done today.

For now, we'll say that they all seem to represent an idea we had during our first viewing of the trailer: Don's going to California, which plays a big part in season 7. (Just check out those sunny skies surrounding Don's plane in the trailer, or out the window in the Don-Peggy image!)

Other quick thoughts:

  • First and foremost: Roger's pants are amazing.
  • We don't find Megan, or the Don-Megan relationship, as interesting as the writers do. So we're not thrilled by this photo of her clinging to Don for dear life. (Maybe she's saying goodbye to him?) That said, we're perfectly okay with keeping her on the show for her incredible fashion-forward outfits. Check out that dress! Pink tights! The shoes! Which brings us to...
  • The '70s are almost here! And with it, lots of vibrant colors. Except for Don, who, as usual, looks like he's going to a funeral.
  • So intrigued by the back-to-back shot of Peggy and Don. In some sense, it seems to convey a more equal standing between the two of them. Plus, where are they going together? Has Don gotten his job back? Started a rival firm? Did he finally come to his senses and realize Peggy is the perfect woman and decided to run away with her?
  • Not much to say about the Roger-Don image. Drinks, ladies in short skirts, those cool-guy stares: seems like business as usual there.

If you're looking for ways to catch up on the rest of the show before the final season begins, AMC has this helpful link. See you back here April 13, Mad fans!

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