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Nation going crazy trying to find panda in the snowmen

Screengrab of the art from Dudolf's Facebook.

Screengrab of the art from Dudolf's Facebook.



Here's something to do while you're running out the clock at work today.

People everywhere (everywhere being "The Internet") are stressing out looking for a panda in this illustration of snowmen by Dudolf, a.k.a. artist Gergely Dudás. I have to admit I found it pretty easily, but some people are going insane in the style of Ethan Suplee's character in Mallrats, trying to see a schooner in a Magic Eye poster and spiraling into hopelessness in the process.

Once you find the panda, which shouldn't really take you that long, to be honest, check out Dudolf's other cartoons here, which are actually kind of dark and subversive.

Here's what some people are saying. One tweeter had the brilliant idea to challenge the children in your life to this puzzle, securing yourself some precious time to check your email and watch one half an episode of The Barefoot Contessa.


[Last modified: Wednesday, December 23, 2015 11:11am]


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