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NBC gearing up for Seth Meyers' 2014 'Late Night' invasion

Seth Meyers, ready for his 'Late Night' close-up

Entertainment Weekly / NBC

Seth Meyers, ready for his 'Late Night' close-up



Entertainment Weekly scored a sneak peek of the promo poster for Late Night With Seth Meyers, the SNL News vet's takeover of Jimmy Fallon's NBC gig. The show starts Feb. 24 at 12:35 a.m. (Fallon, of course, boots Jay Leno to the curb and helms The Tonight Show a week earlier, on Feb. 17). From the look of the ad, Meyers is going with his strengths: a mischievous Everyman appeal, not so much a spazzy, goofy skit guy like the charming Fallon, but someone more cerebral, more desk-bound, Letterman without the mean streak. That said, I see him ultimately like the King, Johnny Carson, who busted out plenty of skits, but almost always with a winking flair, as if he knew how stupid his Carnac turban looked. Carson was the funniest bystander in the room, a showman whose onscreen humility gave him the air of the accidental superstar. Meyers would be wise to take that classic approach: a keen, likable interviewer who offers a cool, easy-going way to end a long day.

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