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NBC is doing a live version of 'Peter Pan': Who should play Peter?

Mary Martin as Peter Pan.

Mary Martin as Peter Pan.



Ever since NBC's The Sound of Music Live proved to be a ratings smash last month (more than 20 million watched Carrie Underwood's warbling), we've been waiting for the network to announce its next live musical. Well, they did this week at the Television Critics Association tour in California: A live version of the classic musical Peter Pan will air Dec. 4.

This is a fairly predictable choice. The original production opened on Broadway in 1954, with Mary Martin as Peter, and it actually aired as a live broadcast on NBC the next year. It's a beloved musical with catchy songs that, like Sound of Music, the whole family can watch.

But that also makes it a pretty boring pick. What could make it interesting is the casting. (Heck, the one thing people remember about Sound of Music Live is how mediocre Carrie Underwood was.) So, who should play Peter? The network isn't saying whether they'll go with a male or female lead, so we've come up with a list that includes both.

Here are our suggestions, and scroll down to cast your vote in our poll:

Bruno Mars:This is a genius choice, if we must say so ourselves. He's wee, and he's funky, but we do worry he'd be macking on Wendy the whole time.

Pink: Seriously, we love this idea. You need someone who can sing AND not be terrified of high-wire derring-do. Done and done! You're welcome, NBC.

Will Ferrell: Come on, he already rocked the green tights (and looked great) in Elf!

Pharrell: The true brains behind Blurred Lines and Get Lucky can sing, dance, act - and, well, we're crushing on him big time. Here's the real kicker: Much like Peter, Pharrell (aka the youngest-looking 40-year-old we've ever seen) never seems to age!

Miley Cyrus: At the TCA tour, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt jokingly suggested that he wanted Miley to play Peter. What's so funny about that, Greenblatt?! Miley's already got the hair and the voice and a deep love for spandex onesies.

Harry Connick Jr.: After watching Harry on American Idol, we're convinced he can make anything watchable.


Pick a Peter
Who should play Peter in NBC's 'Peter Pan'?
Bruno Mars
Miley Cyrus
Harry Connick Jr.
Will Ferrell

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