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Netflix says binge-watching is 'new normal'

Binge-watching 'Breaking Bad' is a welcome refuge from the world we live in -- or so says Netflix


Binge-watching 'Breaking Bad' is a welcome refuge from the world we live in -- or so says Netflix



Of course they said that! They've created a nation of pinwheel-eyed junkies, god love 'em! Netflix just released a Harris Interactive study showing that, among 1,500 TV streamers (that is, watching TV via a home-video subscriber service), 61 percent of the interviewed said that they binge-watch their TV shows. Binge-watching is defined as streaming an average of 2.3 episodes per sitting, which doesn't seem too binge-y actually. Heck, I devoured four episodes of Breaking Bad the other night, and I immediately started jonesing for more. Then I passed out.

Nearly three-quarters of TV streamers (73 percent) have "positive" feelings towards binge-watching; no one said anything about itchy eyeballs or lack of blood circulation or a chest covered in Funyuns crumbs. Or how about when, after some truly epic bing-watching, you then view your own life as vaguely episodic, like your suspicions about the new Latino chicken joint down the road or your ex-girlfriend going MIA because she's obviously an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

More factoids from the Netflix binge-watching study:

*79 percent said binge-watching actually makes the show better.

* Binge-watching is widespread behavior among all demographics interviewed ("there's simply too much good TV to watch"), however, the most intense bingers are ages 18-34.

* 76 percent of TV streamers said "watching several episodes at a time" is a "welcome refuge from the busy world we live in." That last fact makes me a little sad inside, but nothing that a few eps of BB can't fix! Hooray for televised gluttony! U.S.A! U.S.A.!

[Last modified: Monday, December 16, 2013 2:24pm]


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