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New Iron Man 3 trailer features Ben Kingsley's The Mandarin



Yes, I am a bona-fide comic book geek, so deeply mired in this mindset that every new trailer for a comic book movie sends me into girlish giggles of delight.

Even so, the newly-released trailer for the third Iron Man movie looks awfully cool, centering on Ben Kingsley's version of a classic comic book foe for ol' "Shellhead," The Mandarin.

In the books, The Mandarin was a powerful Chinese scientist and fighter who created ten power rings from material salvaged from a dead alien. He was the typical villain for a Cold War age; a megalomaniacal ruler constantly trying to conquer the world.

We haven't seen the power rings at work in any of the trailers for Iron Man 3, but we hear an awful lot of The Mandarin in this new trailer.

Check it out and listen hard for the distant sound of my glee.


[Last modified: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 6:39pm]


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