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On 'SNL': Baldwin returns as Trump to 'apple-o-gize' for hot mic comments (w/video)

Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live to play Donald Trump.


Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live to play Donald Trump.



For a moment there, it looked as if Saturday Night Live was going to focus its opening sketch last night on the vice-presidential debate.

But it quickly got to what everyone knew was coming: Donald Trump's hot-mic disaster, as first reported by The Washington Post on Friday afternoon.

Alec Baldwin was back, with a Trump impression that is pretty good but also still seems like Alec Baldwin-doing-Donald Trump.

He "APP-logizes" - deliberately mispronouncing "apologize," because Trump doesn't apologize. He quickly dismisses the Republicans who aren't defending him as "cowards" and "losers." And at two points in the interview, Trump is again caught saying ill-advised things on a hot mic when he thinks his CNN interview is over. But, really, the whole thing is one long hot-mic moment.

And then there's Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, whose debate prep session has basically turned into a victory party and who tries to tell CNN that she's very saddened by Trump's comments - but can't stop smiling.

It was pretty much the sketch you knew was coming.

[Last modified: Sunday, October 9, 2016 12:51pm]


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