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'Orphan Black' season 4, episode 2: Welcome to the rabbit hole

I'm showing you this picture of MK and Beth because showing you that mouth maggot is something I just won't do.

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I'm showing you this picture of MK and Beth because showing you that mouth maggot is something I just won't do.



Last week's Orphan Black premiere was a tough act to follow after sending us back in time to Beth Childs' last moments. This episode we checked in with our other bad Bs and caught them up to speed. Plus, mouth maggots. Yep.

So who else stopped breathing during that opener? Like that little girl in Poltergeist, Kira warns Sarah and her grandmothers that "they're coming." And as lights appeared in the snowy distance, we all screamed "RUN!" Siobhan torches the place as they get away, even leaving behind Monkey's sock monkey. Oh boy. Is this some sort of foreshadowing? Please, no.

Thankfully, Sarah, Kira, Mrs. S and Kendall safely make their way back to Toronto. And Kira's pissed that Sarah is leaving, yet again, as she should be. They were one happy family in the frozen tundra. Now it's back to #CloneClub for mommy.

Sarah and Mrs. S meet a somewhat healthy Cosima and Scott in the basement of a comic shop where they're are holed up. Funded by Alison and her husband, the two are able to "isolate the synthetic sequences" aka do science stuff in their new DYAD-like lab. Sarah clues them into MK.

And this is where the catch-up begins, so let's just check in with each seestra separately.

Cosima: She's smoking lots of weed to dull her pain. She doesn't know if Delphine is alive, but she's working on some gene therapy with Scott on Kendall's DNA in the meantime. Later in the episode, Scott discovers that Kendall has leukemia, but wants to keep it a secret from her family.

Helena: Turns out, Fertile Myrtle is pregnant with identical twins! She's posing as Donnie's wife as the two of them head to the doctor. Donnie seems excited about the pregnancy, which brings me to ...

Alison: She has a breakdown in her craft room. Okay, not really a breakdown, but after Donnie tells her the news from Helena's doctor's appointment, Alison is jealous. Donnie tries to console her, in his way. It's actually very sweet and Donnie really is the greatest husband around. I mean, he'll commit manslaughter with you. And roll around in money in his underwear with you. #neverforget

But this episode was all about Sarah discovering Beth's secrets we uncovered last week.

Sarah goes to Detective Art to ask about Neolution and why they'd be after her and her family right now. He mentions the last case he and Beth worked on together: the guy with his cheek missing. The two of them head to Beth's apartment: Sarah finds her drugs, Art finds her hidden camera that was taping everything that went down in Beth's apartment leading up to her death. The first real clue: Trina, the pregnant Freaky Leekie who asks for Beth's help to find her boyfriend. We also see Beth with Paul the night she held a gun to his head; the Neolution mole/police force union rep paying Beth a visit; and on her last night alive she leaves her house with a gun and hotel card, wearing a blonde wig.

Sarah takes Felix to Club Neolution, and Felix is a real bummer. I don't like it. Sarah, donning her classic black hoodie, walks around the place in search of Trina. But first, Sarah needles Felix about his Debbie Downer persona. He's feeling left out of the family love. He wants to find his birth family now. He's been so selfless and devoted to his "sister" Sarah and the #CloneClub, and for some reason he realized that he, and his happiness, matter, too. I'm happy Felix is finally sticking up for himself, or even just reminding Sarah that it's not all about her. Well, for us it is, anyway.

Someone mistakes Sarah for Beth and shows her a gross video of another Neolution cheek surgery. And just as she promised Felix that she's truly the only family that matters, she ditches him in the club to find MK using that man's phone. Sarah heads to the laundromat to meet, well just talk to, MK. But MK is worried and she warns Sarah that new information "will kill you like it killed Beth."

MK tells her about the last night she saw Beth: Beth returns home, clearly shaken. Beth demands MK go back into hiding. The two share a sweet hug as Beth says her final goodbye. It's heartbreaking. MK is very childlike in her interactions with Beth. It's clear she looked up to her, in a way.

MK, as paranoid as ever, tells Sarah to stop digging, HA RIGHT. She drives away just as some Neolution hitmen arrive, ready to scalp her cheek. But they weren't looking for Sarah. They're looking for MK or maybe even Beth. They speak in German, because that is one scary language.

Sarah runs back to the rabbit hole, frantic. Something must be in her mouth. And holding up a flashlight: MOUTH MAGGOT. Holy god, this show. Wait, how do they not feel that thing wriggling around? I need answers.

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