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'Orphan Black' Season 4, Episode 3: Gross occurrences

Ari Millen and Tatiana Maslany share the screen again in the new episode of "Orphan Black" titled "The Stigmata of Process."

BBC America

Ari Millen and Tatiana Maslany share the screen again in the new episode of "Orphan Black" titled "The Stigmata of Process."



Guys, Orphan Black is getting super gross. We've had eye trauma, mouth robot maggots and now decomposing bodies with sound effects. And I love every minute of it.

We begin with Rachel, being as Rachel as ever. As she's getting her new robot eye checked out, she manages to squeeze out insults left and right, even to her little Leda sister clone, Charlotte. Rachel is being held captive by her not-quite-dead mother, Susan Duncan. She didn't die in that fire after all, and intended that Dr. Leekie and Topside to raise her.

This is also where we meet a new Castor clone. After last season's Castor clone debacle, it's great to see Ari Millen back playing one the brothers. This science-y one claims to be a little different than the others, because he wasn't raised military with the others.

The three of them enjoy a rather tense dinner (all wearing white) where Susan drops the bombshell to Rachel that Charlotte, who has been getting close to Rachel, is actually Rachel's clone sister. I'm surprised Rachel didn't already know this because Charlotte obviously looks like her younger self. The dinner discussion turns into Susan declaring Rachel an utterly ungrateful disappointment. At least the sisters, Rachel and Charlotte, are secretly getting along. Charlotte is helping Rachel find her way out of this dungeon by passing messages to someone.

Susan tries to prove to Rachel, and us, that this is all for the greater good. This is to control evolution; "to create a more perfect human being." Well, they're pretty far off from that goal. We see that Charlotte also has the same defect as some of the others when she coughs blood onto a painting.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Cosima scramble to learn more about the robo mouth maggots they call "bots." The bot latched onto an artery, probably to control brain function. Because of course. Scott and Cosima don't think it's an actual tracker, but why put a bot in a body without some form of tracking capabilities? That's what I always say.

After some fine detective work from Art, Sarah manages her way to a dental clinic. A nurse mistakes her for Beth and gladly says she knows the procedure to remove that maggot from her mouth. Yeah, this will go well.


The nurse thinks she has the upper hand here, telling Sarah that her superiors are on the way. Sarah is somehow helpless in the dentist chair until Ferdinand (James Frain!) comes in. He's found Sarah thanks to Rachel and Siobhan's SOS system. Remember, Ferdie is Topside, but yet he seems to know a lot about Neolution, too. How much are these two connected?

So let's check in with the rest of our crew.

Sarah, for whatever reason, cannot seem to understand why Felix would want to find out about his family, now that Sarah's family is full of creepy science and high levels of drama and death. His new sister, Adele, who he found in a day?, bond as they talk about their father, who cheated Adele's mom. Please don't make this part of the clone story. Let Felix find his own light.

Kira seems to be gaining some Omen-style attitude. Sarah is neglecting this poor child and it's causing some severe trauma, and possible foreshadowing? A child dreaming about her mother's sister burning her mom is not a good thing. But I love creepy children. Kira is some sort of demon child right now, and Charlotte is basically Wednesday Addams. I would love for the two of them to "play" together.

Helena is still out of the loop on pretty much everything. She's playing Three's Company at the Hendrix house, eating everything they buy and babysitting their kids, who remain blurry reminders that Alison and Donnie are parents, while digging up bodies in the garage.

So yeah, remember when Alison and Donnie buring Dr. Aldus Leekie in their garage and then had wild sex? How could you not? They dig him up so Cosima can research his mouth bot, and also serve some comic relief in the face of all that gross. "It smells like hot garbage juice!" It's like they have never seen a movie or TV show before. Donnie is all of us as he wretches in his gas mask as he watches Alison slowly move Leekie's melting, decomposed face.

While this is going on, detectives show up at the Hendrixes' door. Helena answers it, playing the role of Alison. "Can I offer you some breads?" Lolz.


The detectives are investigating the deaths of three drug dealers. You know, the ones Helena took a machete to last season. Turns out some Alison Hendrix campaign signs were left behind. Helena manages to cover for Alison as she somehow gives the detectives the full names of a few other parents on the campaign team.

Do not underestimate any of our sestras.

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