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‘Orphan Black' season 4, episode 4: Care for a frittata?

MK is a million steps ahead of our #CloneClub, so how will Sarah catch up?

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MK is a million steps ahead of our #CloneClub, so how will Sarah catch up?

The fourth episode of Orphan Black gave us some classic moments that make us love to be in #CloneClub. We're still playing catch-up with each character, but it's been fun going back to go forward.

There were lots of little stories this week in "From Instinct to Rational Control," which begins and ends with some big MK reveals, so let's quickly recap our other clones first. 

Alison, Donnie and Felix are sent on a mission to find out about a fertility clinic Beth was investigating. Trina recognizes Alison at a coffee shop and mistakes her for Beth. (Two side notes here: 1. I love that the Ledas are getting mistaken for each other all over the place this season. It needed to happen. 2. I also love that Sarah got snippy with Alison and forced her to carry her weight in #CloneClub.)

Since Alison can't go into the fertility clinic, our dynamic duo Felix and Donnie pose as a gay couple looking to have a baby. Felix gives Donnie a lesson it what it means to act gay (hint: you don't "act" gay) and Alison, I mean, an Italian flight attendant, gives Donnie a great ... assist. Oh lord and butter, Donnie.

With lots of luck on her side, Alison shows she's just as useful as our other clones. While she reconnects with a friend who also struggled with fertility, she learns about the Brightborn treatments.

As soon as Felix and Donnie drop the word "Brightborn," they're given a video, starring Evie Cho, the Asian woman we saw with Dr. Leekie in the premiere. (She was on Oprah? Lol.) I gotta say, as a graphic designer, I've always been impressed with the logos and branding Orphan Black gives to its fake companies. So Neolution is in the fertility business afterall. And what did Trina mean she was a carrier? (She was no longer pregnant when she accosted Alison.)

Meanwhile, Cosima and Scott are researching Dr. Leekie's rotting skull that is home to a mouth maggot aka a bot. They learn some pretty cool science things (most go over my head): The bots could be changing the DNA of its host.

Susan Duncan is still holding Rachel captive. Turns out little Charlotte is another defective clone. She's showing early signs of the disease that doomed some of her sisters. Susan seems to be testing Rachel's loyalty to this genetic empire by asking Rachel's opinion on Charlotte's fate. And Rachel knows the game that's being played, and gives Susan the answer she wants to hear: Charlotte is more valuable dead than alive. It's a question of heart over science. It would be too simple to say the decision is right vs. wrong. Rachel's lust for power, and her mother's love, are at odds as she makes this decision. Rachel's character has grown immensely over the last season, but did we really think Rachel grew a heart? But maybe she's brewing a plan. But unfortunately, Susan knows that she reached out to Ferdinand.

Helena didn't have much to do this episode. But I suspect that will change, now that she's left the Hendrix household, for an unknown destination. I love that her little monologues are always the funniest.

So let's get back to MK and Sarah, our cat and mouse. Well, MK is one very smart mouse.

The last episode we saw Ferdinand rescue Sarah from that crazy dental hygienist. She brings him back to a safehouse because they each need something from each other. Sarah wants to know more about Neolution and this bot, and he wants to free Rachel.

So Sarah starts there: she enlists MK's help to find where Susan is keeping Rachel. I love how MK talks to herself, showing us a little of her crazy. But as soon as MK gets the information she needs, she runs off. So Sarah runs to Beth's Neolution mole, Dizzy. He won't help unless he's clued into #CloneClub. We learn here that there were 22 Leda clones, nine still alive. Anyway, together they track down MK's hideout: just in time, too.

MK has gone rogue and has kidnapped Ferdinand. I had to laugh when she starts going all Dr. Evil on him; revealing her history and plan, just in time for Sarah to come and rescue Ferdinand.

But MK's plan was revenge for Helsinki, the infamous fire/"purge" that killed six clones. She survived; her friend, Nikki, didn't. Turns out MK, or rather, Vera, has been out for revenge for awhile.

Sarah's pissed. "You pulled me out of Iceland ... and now you're just going to blow it all up?!" So who is Sarah going to trust more now? Both Ferdinand and MK have used her for his and her own endgame, so how will our mastermind manipulator use them to get some answers?

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