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‘Orphan Black' season 4, episode 7: Finding each other in grief

Oh hey, Peaches!

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Oh hey, Peaches!

I don't know about you, but it's been a tough week of television for me, starting with last week's episode of Orphan Black. And then that brutal Outlander episode (another show yours truly is also recapping). And then an unsatisfying Nashville series finale (honestly, I wasn't expecting anything else). So much like #CloneClub, I'm trying to make sense of my life now.

Okay, I'm being a bit dramatic. I need to get a life. That's clear. Let's get on with it.

Tatiana Maslay's exquisite performances this week in "The Antisocialism of Sex" show each clone falling apart, suffering last week's loss in her own predictable way. And thankfully, they (and we) have Felix to get us back together. We didn't get any Rachel or Alison last week, so let's start with them.


Susan Duncan has moved The Family All Dressed In White to the Island of Dr. Moreau. She immediately tells Rachel that the original, along with the cure, are gone. To her, a life wasn't lost. The scene is juxtaposed with Siobhan dealing with the same loss. The loss of her mother.

So Rachel, a life ruiner, ruiner of people's lives, faces this news by informing little Charlotte about their fate. But the most interesting part about Rachel's story this week is the mythology Susan brings to her.

In past seasons, we've connected the dots to Greek stories. The show once again alluded to this in the form of Rachel's swan hallucination (maybe because of her new, "almost perfect" eyeball?). We learn from Susan that a Victorian-era man by the name of P.T. Westmoreland created Neolution, a secret scientific community to build a better human. The Greek myth that's been used for inspiration is Leda and the Swan. In short, Leda is raped by Zeus, in swan-form, and she births four children, two by Zeus from one egg; and two by her husband Tyndareus from another egg. (Leda = Kendall. Zeus = scientific force behind the project.) And the four births are Castor and Clytemnestra, Pollux and Helen.

Now that Evie's plan to takeover Susan's life work was a success, we again are reminded that Evie's rise to power comes from a personal place. She needs some sort of cure, too.


The Hendrixes Bubbles drug scheme is finally coming back to bite them. Alison copes with the news of Kendall's murder by turning into Suzy Homemaker. But during her child's charming slumber party (that Donnie invited their Reverend to?), Donnie is arrested. Detective Duko (the skinny man in terrible glasses) is there, who seems to really be getting into his role as Neolution's Most Threatening Man. He knows a lot about some behind-the-scenes actions with Neolution that we're not aware of, yet.


And predictably, Sarah runs away from the pain of last week's loss. And drinks away the pain. At least her hookup with Dizzy didn't come to a satisfying conclusion. (See what I did there?) I haven't warmed up to Dizzy and what exactly he knows. There's always more to periphery characters on Orphan Black. He mentions that Capra, a body we saw in the first episode of the season, was a friend of his and he's out for revenge. Okay, here we go.

Anyway, Sarah finds herself on a bridge, talking to Ghost Beth. Or rather, her conscience. Kira's intuitive magic tricks work again, and she senses that Sarah is in danger. Somehow, Felix gets to Sarah just in time to talk her off the ledge, literally. And Siobhan and Sarah reconcile later, thank goodness. Felix has been the fairy godmother to our clones since the beginning.


The saddest story goes to Cosima. She's now survived two deaths: Delphine and Kendall. Her PTSD causes her to lash out at Scott, and she tries to channel her anxiety into work. But that just means she's willing to cut open her own face to insert Sarah's bot, hoping its data will help with a cure for her. All her logic and brilliance seems to fall by the wayside in this moment of grief. I feel everything with her. But Felix calls her just in time to let her know about Krystal's revelation (Delphine is alive!). And we all breathe a sigh of relief. I am not ready for Cosima's demise. But I sense it coming.

If there's one thing the girls can do is grieve together. They are best as a unit, providing stability, comfort and support to each other. 

One other note: MK reaches out to Kira. This can't be good.

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