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‘Orphan Black' season 4, episode 8: Who are you? What have you sacrificed?

Alison and Donnie face real danger this week.

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Alison and Donnie face real danger this week.

The reason this fourth season has been much better is that Orphan Black has gotten back to its roots: Family first. Yeah, there's some crazy, over-our-head science with a power struggle. But watching the Ledas and Co. triumph as their bonds are tested is what makes this sci-fi drama so great. Oh, and #feminism. 

And this week, "The Redesign of Natural Objects" was Alison's time to shine. She and Donnie have always been a sideshow to the real danger. Our comic relief. As drug dealers, they have lived a life of self-made risk. But now their story collides with the other. Let's recap:

Poor Donnie. Orange is not his color. Last episode he was arrested at his child's slumber party. It would have been interesting to see how Alison parents her kids after that trauma. I feel like they need it; and we need to see Alison bond with those kids. She was struggling with Helena's pregnancy, feeling envious she couldn't have kids of her own, but she is still a mother. And the show hasn't done a great job establishing that.

(Also, where are you, Helena?!)

Because the show demands Adele is still a thing (yeah, she's totally up to something), Felix brings her to Alison to give Donnie some jailhouse advice. She's a drunk, but she does have some good tips. Especially now that Donnie's new friend is Detective Duko's henchman, ready to kill Donnie on a moment's notice.

Alison goes straight to Duko as soon as she learns about this. Quickly she realizes Duko is after Sarah and Donnie is the bait. She will have to give Sarah up for Donnie's safety. We shouldn't have doubted Alison for a bit. Unbeknownst to us, she was actually working with Felix, Siobhan, Sarah and Art to catch Duko.

The scene was wisely paired with Alison rehearsing Jesus Christ Superstar, giving us a little more tension and intrigue. Of course Alison is Judas. Even though the lyrics were a little too on the nose for the show's current plight, it was pure genius. Tatiana Maslany as Alison is always one of my favorite roles. Alison's composure while screaming internally is spot on.

Donnie is safe, for now. But Duko is not. Farewell man with the glasses from three decades ago. Wait, did Duko make the call first to get Donnie out of jail? Anyway, Siobhan aka Guerilla Mom gets what she can out of Duko before killing him. We learn he was just a pawn in Evie's long game: to implant lots of bots under the guise of gene therapy. So just what will these be used for? In his last moments, Orphan Black tries to humanize this evil nerd (D&D, anyone?). It was all for his niece! Oh yeah, and probably all that money.

This is just your weekly reminder that Orphan Black is all about feminism. Women are both our villains and heroes. And it's oh-so refreshing.

Meanwhile, Cosima has paired up with Susan Duncan via MK's encrypted computer connection. MK is back in the game because it turns out she's showing symptoms of the Leda disease. But thankfully she's back because learn more about Duko's shady background and Evie's plan to eliminate all the clones. But not including Rachel?

Speaking of Rachel, her motivations are not led by family. She's got trust issues, and loves vengeance. So obviously Cosima doesn't want to work with her (thanks Scott!).

Our mad scientists actually come up with a brilliant plan to somehow fake Kendall's genome: by using Castor sperm (from Ira) and a Leda egg (from Sarah). By creating that embryo, they hope to extract those stem cells for a cure. So Cosima is off to the private island.

But I'm worried. Cosima and Rachel being in the same enclosed space will make for some tense television.

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