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‘Orphan Black' season 4, episode 9: Don't forget to pack the Imodium!

The sharp bob is today's fashionable haircut for the most cunning villains.

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The sharp bob is today's fashionable haircut for the most cunning villains.

Well that's an alliance we couldn't see coming. Rachel and Sarah — even when they can't cooperate with each other — can still outsmart everyone else. Never underestimate a sestra, Evie. Fortunately, Rachel's ultimate quest for power benefitted her sestras and brought down Orphan Black's season 4 villain. 

Okay, not quite, yet. We'll save that for next week's fun finale. And how is it just now, during "The Mitigation of Competition," the penultimate episode, that I just noticed that Rachel and Evie have the same haircut?

So we get a little more background on our villain. Evie comes from a working-class town and she plans to give back her community by bringing the new Brightborn facility there. While this may seem like a good idea, how is a science and technology company supposed to help a struggling manufacturing community? Pretty sure those who live there don't have the education for Brightborn jobs. I digress.

Somehow, Evie was dumb enough to fall for Rachel's scam (here you go, a phone where only one video exists, sure!) and Evie's Evil Empire crumbles at her podium. And finally, the media knows what's going on.

Rachel is quite the cunning clone, and proves she's a strong asset in the #CloneClub investigations. Sarah and Art race to find the two Brightborn runaways before Evie's henchmen do. One is killed, but with Trina's help, Art and Sarah find Kendra, who is alive with her blind baby. But Sarah does not want to threaten a life for the cause. As impulsive as Sarah is, she still has morals. Rachel does not. Rachel only sees the finish line.

It was fun to watch Ira and his perfectly sculpted eyebrows try to be useful and help Rachel. He's like her Felix!

Meanwhile, the Hendrix comedic subplot comes to a bloody end, and brings the return of Helena! Our frizzy blonde clone returns from the wild, donning a Davy Crockett cap. After using her Clone Phone to finally get in touch with Sarah, she rescues Alison and Donnie, our little roast piggie. The two are trying to run away after Donnie's release from jail. And as soon as a bot is about to dropped into Alison's praying mouth, in walks in Katniss — I mean, Helena.

Thank Judas.

And earlier, Helena walked into another dangerous situation: Adele needling Felix for #CloneClub information. Girl, you don't even know who you're talking to. You don't even know. Adele still seems fishy to me. Her aggressive curiosity, and brunch menu, prove she's unstable and probably not telling Felix everything, either.

And Felix soon realizes that it's time to get her the heck outta here. Adele speaks some serious truth: "Genetics doesn't really make a family does it? Honesty and acceptance, that's what it's all about, right?" Girl, you don't even know.

And let's not forget about Cosima, who is working alongside Susan Duncan and cozying up to her little sister Charlotte. Rachel and Sarah work together to put Susan back in charge of Neolution, who has a completely different view on science and life. Susan values each life she creates, even if it is born under unethical circumstances, and will work to find cures. Evie choses not let the unviable subjects suffer at all. Well, that's a simplistic way to look at the wacky moral code of either of these ladies. Susan says she was under "enormous pressure" to continue her Leda research, which is why Charlotte exists, so who was making the calls over her, then?

But the cliffhanger! During Rachel's expanding visions, she sees that old man again, but this time on the island in the woods. And that last-minute shot of DELPHINE means next week's episode will give us some answers.

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