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'Outlander' recap, episode 3: Why does Claire want to find 'The Way Out'?



Follow along with Michelle Stark, the Feed's TV expert and Outlander novice, and Brittany Volk, an 'Outlander' book fanatic and TV nerd, as they share their thoughts on Starz's new series every week. Here's what they thought about episode 3, "The Way Out." 

Brittany: Most of this episode was about religion vs. medicine. The story about the sick boys that the villagers think is demonic possession is not in the book. But I don't mind that. There's a lot of set-up in the beginning chapters of Outlander, so this addition to the plot was a good tool to give this episode a beginning, middle and end. It was also a great way to see what Claire is up against as she uses her 20th-century medical background in the 18th century. I loved watching mouthy TV Claire defy the town's (misogynist) priest. That can't be good pissing that guy off. But we got more scenes with Geillis Duncan! She's turning into quite a star of the show, isn't she?!

Michelle: Oh lord, I thought Mrs. Fitz was going to pass out when Claire told her she's from the future. I was kinda disappointed that it was only a fake out! Good to see the show flash-forward again to the 1940s in this episode; I was worried it would stay totally in the 1700s. Not that that's BAD, I just love the 1940s world this show has created, too. Does the book flash back and forth like that?

Yes, Claire is really up against it in this episode, what with having to massage Colum MacKenizie's butt and argue with that flatulent dude with the wig. It's understandable that she copes by drinking a bit too much wine (ah, the great time travel equalizer!) and practically forcing Jamie to unbutton his shirt. Awkwaaard. 

Geillis is a treat. I treasure her mystical presence in each episode.

Brittany: Ha! That fake-out scene kind of set up the rest of the episode for suspicions that Claire is a witch. It was also a great device to use instead of MORE VOICEOVER. They really need to kill that. The actors (and writers) are doing a fantastic job as it is, so the voiceover just seems like plot overkill. There are no flash-forwards (flashbacks? flashback-forward?) like that in the book, but she does ponder about Frank quite often. I think they're doing the flash-forwards not only to give Tobias Menzies some work because he's so great, but also to show just how much Claire wants to escape. TV Claire should probably stop drinking all that wine, though, if she really wants to try and formulate a real plan to escape. But why would she want to escape with all that flirting she's doing with Jamie? The sexy eyes between the two of them is great. I loved it when Murtagh was like, "Jamie needs a woman, not a lassie!" RIGHT ON, DUDE. Poor Laoghaire, the little girl in love with Jamie. She just can't compete.

Michelle: I thought the same thing about Claire's desire to escape. It struck me at the end of the episode especially, when she was hearing that story and getting wistful for her own time hop. Why, exactly, does she want to go back? Yes, the '40s time period seems interesting and her husband Frank seems great, but she just doesn't seem miserable enough to want to leave the 18th century. She and Jamie are exchanging SO MANY sexy eyes! I need to be convinced that life is really miserable for her in those Scottish Highlands.

Brittany: I think the main reason Claire wants to get back to the '40s is safety. And good hygiene! All those guys in the castle look smelly. But let's talk about Outlander's outstanding (non-smelly) costuming. That scene when Claire visits Geillis (and her farty husband) ... OMG. First, I love Geillis's house, full of witchy knick-knacks and a chaise lounge that needs to be in my apartment. But, really, it's all about their wardrobes! I love Claire's brown dress that looks warm and cozy with that furry scarf and Geillis's blue dress. And then there's Geillis's red shoes! Did you catch those? Reminded me of the ruby red slippers from another story about (wicked) witches ...

Michelle: You are so right about the good hygiene. I guess I'd want to leave the 1700s too if it meant I didn't have to wear a girdle and probably never shower. Those MacKenzies beards MUST reek. And yes, the costuming on the show is outstanding. The whole thing drips with money; it's all so evocative. But during this late-summer heat wave we're having, I couldn't look at Claire's billowing dress without shuddering at how hot it must be. Can a girl even feel a breeze in that thing? Geillis' awesome red shows are matched by her equally awesome red hair. I hope she and Claire become the best of friends.

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