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‘Outlander' season 2, episode 9: The lads are back!

It just wouldn't be Scotland without you, Dougal. Indeed.


It just wouldn't be Scotland without you, Dougal. Indeed.

Oh boy. This scrappy team is definitely not ready for war. And even though we already know who the winners are from the first episode of the season of Outlander, it's still hard to swallow. This band of rebels is not quite the American Revolution patriots. And it might have something to do with the shaky leadership.

Let's get to that in a second. First, how charming was it to see everyone reunited. I loved the huge smiles across Jamie's and Claire's faces. And soon enough, Dougal struts up. It just wouldn't be Scotland without you, indeed.

This episode "Je Suis Prest" means "I am ready" and is the Fraser family motto. Jamie eagerly tries his best to rally the troops in the limited time he has. He's not naive, though. He worries about their passion; that they'll be fighting for someone else's beliefs. When you're up against a well-established army, this is a legit concern. But Dougal, our narcissistic and impulsive leader thinks using terror and his own enthusiasm will be enough.

Our group is securing more clans by the day, and are almost ready to send them to Prince Charles' mercy. Dougal couldn't be more proud that Jamie has finally joined his cause. When Jamie gives his first speech to excite the Highlanders, I'm reminded of Dougal using Jamie for the Jacobite cause last season. Jamie was the visual aid in Dougal's presentation about the British evil. So it was even more jarring when Jamie not only ordered the lashings of two men, but then took some lashings himself to show that no one escapes punishment.

But these men need more than discipline. They need courage. And heart.

It's devastating to know how this all ends. Can our rebels really change history? Without Claire, where would Jamie's be at this point? Dougal would definitely be leading the troops. So maybe this is her purpose. To bring Jamie here, as a new, heartfelt, pragmatic leader. Or has Claire always been part of history? She's just now living it herself. We, the viewers, already know the outcome, though.

Well, Caitriona Balfe sure has her Emmy nomination locked in. This entire season, Claire has been thrown into so much trauma, and it's hard to imagine she's already seen lots of it. She's thrown back into WWII and we watch a 20-something Claire face the horrors of the bloodiest war. At first, her memories are light-hearted, and we see her relationship with the men.

Jamie sense Claire is going through something. Anticipating that "I'm fine" doesn't mean that at all (lol can more men learn this?), Jamie asks her what's going on. Faced with her past, and a sense of dread, Claire, of course, loses it. The pressure is mounting as the stakes are much higher now. She can't bear to watch these men lose.

The way Jamie looks at Claire as she opens up about her PTSD ... I wish someone looked at me that way. I almost get the sense that Sam Heughan isn't acting here. He's just in awe watching Caitriona Balfe's exquisite acting.

Once again, we're shown how unready these men are. A young Englishmen sneaks onto their camp. In a funny, and horrifying ruse from Jamie and Claire, they finally learn who he is. William Grey gives them lots of details about the Redcoats. Grey exclaims that he's in Jamie's debt, and will most likely kill him if they run into each other again. Pretty sure they will.

Afterwards, the group makes their way to Charles' camp. "No turning back now, Sassenach." Indeed.

Fun takes

Bear McCreary outdoes himself this week, using pertinent music to set the already lusciously befitting scene. From the battle training to the final scene as the army marches up to the Prince Charles' camp, the Scottish melodies stood out. I feel so much at home here, that it's like our trip to Paris never even happened.

Murtagh winking at Claire. Please help me find this gif.

Claire is a Saint for holding up Angus' foot so close to her feet.

The soldiers talking about S--- On A Shingle. If you haven't had it, don't knock it. Dried beef and cream on toast. My Minnesotan grandparents happily served that to me every dinner. (That's lunch for you Yankees.)

Speaking of food: "Je Suis Prest" aka I am ready. Tbh, this is something I say before I'm about to eat a large meal.

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