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Recap: No, 'Scandal', don't kill off your best characters!

Calm down, these two are safe. Probably.


Calm down, these two are safe. Probably.



Okay, let's get this out of the way right up front: Whaaaaaaaahuuuhh?!

Scandal, please don't kill two of your most interesting characters.

ABC had been hyping the last 30 seconds of last night's episode since last week, so we knew something was going to go down. But it's a credit to this show that it still managed to be shocking.

And also infuriating! By the time the screen went dark at 10:59 p.m., Jake had just killed two random ladies and pointed his gun at James and David. Now, this is distressing on a number of levels. First,  David and James' recent buddy cop vibe was adorable and fun to watch. Second, we do not want to lose actors Joshua Malina and especially Dan Bucatinsky, whose scenes with Jeff Perry's Cyrus are among the best on the show. (Also? Bucatinsky won an Emmy for his role on Scandal. Yeah. That happened.)

So who's going to die? Unfortunately, we think it has to be James, given that super emotional speech Cyrus gave his husband just before the shooting, after he finds out that James is Publius. I almost thought Cyrus was going to kill James right there in their bedroom, that same bedroom where we once saw both of them get naked to prove they weren't spying on each other. Yep, distrust is a big part of this relationship.

It certainly seems like Cyrus has the motivation to kill James, via Jake (does anyone feel as threatened by David?). But having his husband killed at this particular moment seems especially cruel. Sure, Publius is the most ridiculous informant name we've ever heard, but James is an interesting character! Our hope? That some lesser character like Harrison jumps in the line of Jake's fire and sacrifices himself for the good of all. (Or, more likely, that the show is just messing with us and there's some other reason that gun is fired.)

Some other thoughts:

  • Mellie posing as Sally Langston during debate prep is our new favorite thing.
  • Here's a list of people who should definitely die before James (or David):
    Olivia and Fitz's relationship
    Sally's smarmy campaign manager
    Carla Steele, debate moderator extraordinaire
  • Suuuuuper uncomfortable moment after Olivia finds out that Sally killed her own husband: She starts laughing hysterically with Cyrus about how both the president and VP have now killed people. OH YEAH HILARIOUS LIV.
  • As if to punish Quinn for being so boring lately, she is now a receptionist for B613's fake paper company. So basically she's a Pam Beesly who kills people. Am I crazy, or is that actually more interesting than anything she's gotten to do lately?
  • Really loved the way Scott Foley played Olivia's sarcastic fake boyfriend. I much prefer that side of him to the needy guy who wants Liv to run away with him. Get over it already! Her heart's in Vermont, where the jam is!
  • Jeff Perry: King of monologues, lord of enunciation. Say it with me: Mur-der-rers.
  • Who the heck was Jake talking to ominously in that darkened room at the beginning and end of the episode? Were we supposed to know? Is it a cliffhanger? Confused.
  • Let it be known that both Watergate and the Three Little Pigs were referenced in last night's episode.
  • Officially don't care about Olivia and Fitz as a couple, would be more interested in literally anyone else as a couple, would even be more interested in Olivia as a jamstress.

So, what do you think? Is James the one who gets the bullet? Or was it just a ploy to get everyone to tune in next week? Please, as if we needed a reason. See you Thursday!

[Last modified: Friday, March 14, 2014 11:39am]


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