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Review: CBS cyber-actioner 'Intelligence' has smart weapon in Josh Holloway

That's one hunky new laptop: Josh Holloway in 'Intelligence'


That's one hunky new laptop: Josh Holloway in 'Intelligence'



Forget Google Glass: In new CBS cyber-actioner Intelligence, a Google Brain is the new must-have accessory, especially when tucked into the pretty head of likable galoot Josh Holloway, for whom we've hankered since his Sawyer days on Lost. Think of "America's favorite superweapon" — their words, not mine — as the sexiest new laptop in the Apple store.

At a time when many of us are begrudgingly addicted to the "information grid" — or at least can't stop Facebooking cat pictures — there's juicy promise in a show about a half-man, half-search engine who can't unplug, who can't escape the overwhelming online onslaught, whether he wants to or not. A gift and a curse, right? From the two episodes I've seen — including this Monday's "Red X," which gets into the human dilemma more than the pilot — Intelligence isn't ready to go much deeper than a slick procedural drama, but there's certainly promise... READ FULL REVIEW.

[Last modified: Saturday, January 11, 2014 4:14pm]


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