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'Scandal' recap: Another killer episode




The first sign that Thursday’s Scandal would go teetering off its precarious perch into the abyss of absurdity is the title of the episode: YOLO. As in, YOLO Quinn, so make sure Huck doesn't kill you! (Or lick your face again, eeesh). Or YOLO vice pres, better kill your secretly gay philandering husband before your secrets come out!

Yeah, this episode was off the rails.

First of all, there are just too many plot points on this show now. You’ve got to let some of these go, Shonda Rhimes. We like Scott Foley too, but Jake serves no purpose on this show anymore. Get him out of there, or write off Harrison and have Jake take his place. Someone’s got to go!

Same thing goes for the vice president storyline. It's hard to care about it when Olivia's mom is chewing through her wrist and Mellie and Cyrus are plotting to take over the world. If Lisa Kudrow can’t be on the show forever, we support that the show still wants to explore the possibility of a female president. But the way this all hinges on her “I’m not gay!” gay husband troubles just seems like a silly way to connect the plot with Cyrus and introduce some trouble into his marriage. (That said, we’re all for introducing trouble into Cyrus’ marriage. Cyrus and James scenes are the best, and Scandal is wise to give Dan Bucatinsky (who plays James) more to do. He’s fantastic here, and a good match for the always tremendous Jeff Perry.)

The thing that pushes this episode from normal Scandal absurdity to beyond ridiculous is the very last scene, in which Sally calls Cyrus to tell him she’s committed a sin. The sin, apparently, is that she murdered her philandering husband. This would all be a lot more interesting if the show ever portrayed Sally as anything other than a villain, or if she was a three-dimensional character like Mellie. Right now it seems like Scandal is throwing in a murder just for the sake of it.

Other thoughts on Thursday’s episode:

  • The look on Fitz’s face when Sally resigns! Beyond priceless.
  • The Olivia-figures-out-her-mom-is-evil thing didn’t quite work for me. It seems odd that, given that Olivia’s entire job revolves around looking into people’s pasts and finding things out about them, she had to rely on her memory as a child to finally realize her mom isn’t who she says she is. (Also, really great timing there Liv, having that particular memory after the plane already took off.)
  • We’re on James’ side in his argument with Cyrus, but that I WANT A DIVORCE. I WANT A DIVORCE. I WANT A DIVORCE. thing seemed a tad passive aggressive.
  • Thank goodness Quinn is actually working with Huck to pull one over on Charlie. It seemed unlikely that she'd put up with having her teeth yanked out for this organization she was just forced to join against her will. Getting Huck on her side to mess with B613 is the only way this plot makes any sense. (Though we still don’t get why Huck would torture Quinn in the first place. She got pulled in innocently to the same organization he did. He can’t see she’s in over her head?)
  • Mama Pope, to Olivia: ”There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of laughter in your life.” UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR.
  • Favorite line: “No, we think gay people are gay.” - James to Sally Langston’s husband, trying to deny his homosexuality by saying that gay people think everyone is gay. Nice try! We’ve all seen the photos!


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