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'Scandal' recap: Everyone's flying too close to the sun




Man, this season just refuses to quit. This was a classic episode of Scandal, zig-zagging all over the place from character to character, not letting up for a second. It’s a testament to the goodwill the show has built up over three seasons now that it’s still just so enjoyable to watch, even as it can be a struggle to keep up with exactly what’s going on. If we’re being honest, the show could stand to lose at least half of its plotlines. We wouldn’t miss all of the Vice President Sally runs for president stuff, or the Harrison drama introduced this week. (Just who the heck is Adnan Salif anyway?!)

More thoughts about Thursday night’s episode, “Icarus”:

Quote-a-palooza: Whew, this was a banner week for Classic Scandal Quotes. I’m not sure I can pick a fav from these three, so let’s just list them all!

“This is a Greek tragedy in which the mistress is flying too close to the sun.” - Way to referene that episode title, Cyrus.

“I did everything but roll your whore up in a rug and unfurl her at your feet.” - Mellie, just being Mellie.

“One of the bodies in the ocean was my mother. Do you still not know what I'm talking about?” - Olivia, completely obliterating the president

Mellie Plan of the Week: See above quote. Awesomely awesome. Mellie, whose preferred shade this week was Outrage mixed with a touch of Desperation, is such an interesting scorned wife character. I’ve never seen someone hate their husband’s mistress so much yet still respect their occupational skills.  She’ll likely get more to do in next week’s ep, called “Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”.

Lisa Kudrow Watch: Is it wrong that we’re glad Olivia found out Fitz may or may not have ordered her mother’s death? That means she chose to run the campaign of Josie Marcus aka Lisa Kudrow. This is good for a lot of reasons, mainly because Lisa Kudrow rocks and it gives the show a whole new element. A presidential race instantly adds a lot more excitement (as if this show needed it). Plus Kudrow was beyond fierce this week.

Operation Remington Nonsense: This is the week that Olivia confronts Fitz about the fact that he lied about being involved with Operation Remington, because he was really off making sure a plane with her mom on it crashed and kill everyone onboard. Yikes. These two aren't coming back from that. Now, the idea that he would be involved in killing her mother seems pretty ridiculous, even in Scandal terms, but, like we said, we love that it pushes her away from him once again and into the arms - and campaign - of someone else.

Plots We Don’t Care About: Sally as president? Who cares? And the Harrison plot introduced this week (we’re not supposed to know who Adnan Salif is, are we? I never know with this show) has no legs. I don't care about the fact that Harrison would be a dead man if Salif makes it to America. What is this, Homeland? That’s probably because I don't even think I would care if Harrison died. That's not a slam on his character so much as the fact that there are already way too many on this show.

Papa Pope Watch: Two things. We’re glad to see he’s carrying on the tradition of increased facial hair in the flashbacks by rocking that great mustache. Also, his parenting skills are up to a whole new level of awful this week; Liv says she's afraid to talk to him about anything other than the weather because she thinks he’ll kill her friends if she does. Not healthy, guys. Not healthy.

Cyrus Rules: Have to give a shout-out to Jeff Perry and Dan Bucatinsky for their scene together this week. Just incredible. Perry's performance each week is one of the very best things about this show, and that scene was just so much fun. Also, this exchange: "The Lord speaks through you Brother Beene." Cyrus: "Yeah, I get that a lot."

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