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'Scandal' recap: Monsters, Mellie and Mama Pope




I usually watch Scandal on Hulu Plus after the show has aired. I don't have cable, so the only way I can watch live TV is via an antenna. Yes, rabbit ears. Sometimes it's hit or miss. So before I saw last night's full episode, I accidentally watched a few minutes of the ep in the middle - around the 10:40 mark, or during the final Mellie flashback- and had absolutely no idea what was going on.

The reason for this? Scandal is the fastest paced show on TV.

Does any other show pack so much plot into 20 minutes? Juggle so many character motivations at once?

No! And, I realized last night, that's THE thing that makes this show so enjoyable. If one of its five plotlines per episode doesn't  work, who cares! They're onto the next one in the next scene.

Last night, we had: TWO feisty Liv-Fitz encounters, more Mellie flashbacks, Olivia meeting with her dad, more Jake-Liv love-triangle drama, more Quinn drama, some weird thing where Huck wouldn’t stop bringing Olivia coffee, AND the revelation that Adnan Salif is in cahoots with Mama Pope.


Some more random thoughts:

  • Proof that Scandal has a sense of humor about itself: Last night there were two great quotes about how dumb the name Publius is!

    "What kind of name is Publius anyway? Latin for dweeb?" -Charlie

    "Why'd you pick that name?" -David
    "It has historical significance.  Also I didn't say it out loud." - James
  • This show does NOT need another character, but I'm thrilled to welcome Nazanin Boniadi (last seen on How I Met Your Mother as one of Barney's girlfriends) as Adnan Salif.
  • Oh man, I was so into the show flashing on those former First Lady portraits as Mellie and Andrew kissed.
  • Time for another Mellie flashback! In this one, we learn that she tried to OD on pain pills because she was so ashamed of being raped by her husband's father. Ugh. Trust us Scandal, you're better off just leaving that nasty plot line in the past and moving on.
  • I'd like to see a tally of how many times per episode this show uses the word "whore". Bet it rivals Wolf of Wall Street f-word levels.
  • So baffled by the episode's opening scene. Liv and Fitz are in the middle of a screaming match, but they're also putting their clothes back on. At one point, he tells her to shut up; she later tells him not to touch her. Um. These two might want to look into cuddling. You know, or stop sleeping with each other, since they clearly hate each other's guts.
  • This episode is titled "We Do Not Touch the First Ladies." That is all.

[Last modified: Friday, March 7, 2014 11:48am]


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