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'Scandal' recap: Sex, lies and tweeting for the opponent

Lighten up, Fitz! We like you better that way.


Lighten up, Fitz! We like you better that way.



A week after killing one of its best characters, Scandal decides that the best way to distract us from the pain is to briefly turn into Scandal: The Zany Sitcom.

And thank goodness for that.

Yes, we had to sit through another wrenching scene of Cyrus grieving (and trying to beat up the president!) over his dead husband. But for the most part, Thursday's episode was a light, shenanigans-filled hour of Scandal. 

The big development is the arrival of President Grant's kids to the White House. Yeah, you know, those two teenagers that belong to Fitz and Mellie that no one ever, ever mentions. (Only the most astute Scandal viewer will remember their names are Jerry and Karen.) They're joining their parents for a live television interview that aims to show the Grants as the happiest family on Earth. Psh, yeah right! These kids despise their father. The show is very honest about their contempt, and it's at once heartbreaking and very amusing. 

From there, the episode devolves into revolving-door mayhem, with scenes like everyone barging in on Mellie and Andrew in, er, a comprosing position and, my personal favorite, the president discovering his son has been tweeting about and buying T-shirts to support his opponent, Governor Reston. The nerve of young Jerry!

And, was it just me, or did Tony Goldwyn really come alive in this episode like never before? For once this season, he got to more play than “be drunk and yell,” and I totally dug it. A vibrant President Grant is a President Grant worth not totally hating. (Shout-out to my co-worker Ron Brackett, who brought to my attention that Goldwyn actually directed this episode - and got Goldwyn to reply to a question on Twitter about it!)

  • Really appreciated how this episode called back to early Scandal, with the jaunty opening music and Olivia and Co. actually having to clean up people's messes. The show has relied a bit too much on its twisted mythology this season, and sometimes it's just refreshing to see Olivia bossing people around and setting them straight. Don't underestimate the power of a good "WE NEED TO TALK."
  • Um, not sure Scandal is wise to embark on a Mellie shaming campagin. That scene with Fitz blaming her for ruining their marriage because she shut him out sexually (you know, because she was RAPED BY FITZ'S FATHER) was really hard to watch. And not in a good way. 
  • "To unbroken noodles" is most certainly the worst way to start a new life together. (Also: generally super confused about the Charlie-Quinn relationship. Is she playing him? Does she actually like him?)
  • Scandal learned a new visual trick! Note the split screens during all Papa Pope - Olivia phone conversations.
  • I did like Fitz's outburst to Olivia: "I'M TALKING TO MY WIFE!" He was right, and Olivia shouldn’t have been so offended. Also, I'm at a point where I literally cannot keep track of whether those two are having sex.
  • My understanding of the Harrison plot is “Something something shirtless sex something Adnan Saleef more sex lies passports something sex".
  • Huck and Quinn's tongue play is officially the most disturbing thing on Scandal.
  • Kerry Washington stepping up her fashion game, with an OLIVIA POPE CAPE this week.

[Last modified: Friday, March 28, 2014 11:40am]


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