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'Scandal' recap: What gives, Mr. President?




This was a mellow week for Scandal, as Thursday night's episode mainly served to set up some more big plot pieces coming down the line, most importantly the introduction of Lisa Kudrow's (Phoebe!!) Democratic congresswoman Josephine Marcus, who has her eye on a presidential run.

It was a nice break for the show and a welcome return to the procedural format that the series favored in its first season. Of course, because this is Scandal, we got plenty of Operation Remington chatter (and actually some answers this time!) and the beginning of a Huck/Jake partnership, but no real gasp-worthy moments.

Some other thoughts about Thursday's episode:

Fitz Alert: Fitz just barges on in to Papa Pope's office, like just because he's the president he's safe from the man's reign of terror. Good luck with that, Fitz. Even Pope's own daughter is scared of him. We also learn President Fitz was flying the plane in Operation Remington, which seems all kinds of wrong.

Mellie Plan of the Week: Mellie, get your head in the game, girl! The usually sharp first lady stumbled a bit this week, making a rude comment about a voter that got picked up by someone else's microphone. That's Politics 101, Mellie! Don't talk trash when there are mics around! In any case, it seems like her wayward comment gets her a new nickname (Mouthy Mellie) and is the start of some major beef with Josephine Marcus. We cannot wait to see the inevitable Mellie-Lisa Kudrow showdown.

Sexting Senator: It was great to see Olivia back in fixer mode for someone else's problems, after having to deal with her own for the past few weeks. Liv's crew is tasked with representing a senator who sexted just ONE woman, he promises! But that woman is now dead, so, that's a problem. Of course, he didn't just sext one woman, because they never do. And because this is Scandal, the guy can't just be a chronic sexter, he might also be a murderer.

The best part about this plot is the two great guest stars who play the senator and his wife: Patrick Fabian (who's guested on tons of shows, including Desperate Housewives, The Newsroom, Veronica Mars) and Melora Hardin (who we'll always know and love as Jan from The Office). We encourage Scandal to dig deeper into its potential guest star bench and start filling this show with lots of juicy one-episode parts, a la The Good Wife. Getting Lisa Kudrow on the show is a great start.

Good Jake/Bad Jake?: We still think something seems really off about Jake, and getting Huck involved surely isn't going to end well for anyone. Plus, we're totally not into him and Olivia as a couple anymore. Just let her talk to Fitz, Jake! Stop being so needy.

Next on 'Scandal': Looks like we're heading to the White House Correspondents' Dinner! Which means lots of fancy clothes for everyone and, we're just guessing, lots of secret hook-ups?

[Last modified: Friday, October 25, 2013 4:30pm]


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