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Schwing! It's the 25th anniversary of 'Wayne's World'



How did this happen? Feb. 14 marks the 25th anniversary of the day Wayne's World hit theaters in 1992. Party time! Excellent! We don't feel old at all.

There are special showings of the movies in theaters this week, including in the Tampa Bay area today and Wednesday. You can see the showings here. The screening will have an introduction by Peter Travers from Rolling Stone magazine as well as a recorded discussion with director Penelope Spheeris and cast members.

Before you fail to give this comedy starring Mike Myers and Dana Carvey its proper due, get out of your mom's basement and consider what this movie gave us:

--The Bohemian Rhapsody scene which forever changed karaoke night.

--It rescued Rob Lowe from oblivion. Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels told director Penelope Spheeris she could hire Lowe to play TV producer Benjamin Oliver really cheap, "because he can’t get a job” after the actor's sex tape scandal.

--A woman director got her due. The film was directed by Penelope Spheeris, who knew Lorne Michaels from the '70s, when she produced SNL shorts for Albert Brooks. Though she has primarily done documentaries and short films, she told Vanity Fair, "I knew Lorne Michaels, it kind of magically just happened,” says Spheeris. “It was a lucky shot, I’ll tell you.”  Myers didn't hire Spheeris to helm Wayne’s World 2 because the two had creative differences. She felt better about it after the sequel bombed at the box office, making $48 million compared to the first movie's $121 million.

-- Tia Carrere is model-gorgeous, fronts a rock band while wearing white lace panty hose, and knows kung fu. (“I just think she’s kick-ass,” Carrere told Vulture. “I usually cringe when I see myself onscreen, but not with Wayne’s World.”)

--The town of Aurora, Illinois, has organized a six-month celebration of Wayne’s World, using the hashtag #partyonaurora.


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