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See extended trailer for CBS' version of Stephen King's Under the Dome

Whenever it comes to television, I've grown used to Stephen King breaking my heart.

Time and again, he's brought adaptations of interesting and compelling novels to TV, only to wind up with stuff that is too uninspired (Steven Weber trying to outdo Nicholson in a remake of The Shining?) too boring (Pierce Brosnan moping through a limp redintion of Bag of Bones) or too dumb (The Langoliers. 'Nuff said.)

Still, I have high hopes for the latest attempt to turn King's quality pages into quality television, CBS' Under the Dome.

Not only does it have TV's greatest character actor, Breaking Bad's Dean Norris, playing the story's narcissist bad guy, the extended first look the network just released looks awesome. And by putting such a seemingly well-done miniseries on in summer -- it debuts June 24 -- CBS can send an important signal about trying to compete year-round. (colleague Josh Gillin reminds me that 1993's The Stand was pretty good, giving us Gary Sinise and Jamey Sheridan in amazing performances. ABC's Storm of the Century was okay, with Colm Feore in a typically compelling performance.)

So, I'm hoping Uncle Stevie does me right this time. Check out the trailer below and see what you think.


[Last modified: Thursday, May 16, 2013 1:11pm]


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