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Six cool things about Zygons



  1. Obviously the coolest thing about the Zygons is that they have the option to take any form at any time, whether it’s Osgood or the Doctor, the Zygons do it right.

2. Not really sure what it's called, but the electromagnetic shock that comes from the palm of their red, bulging hand. I don't agree with the constant use of it, but it looks pretty dang cool.

3. Their logo.The slick, black, mini pitchfork looks very, very cool. Especially in graffiti.

4. It's cool that they don’t put up with nonsense, especially when that nonsense is living in the body of two 7-year-old girls.

5. That they have the guts to construct a ginormous, underground, secret lair directly beneath an apartment complex. For about thirty years, the Zygons were just an elevator click away from being exposed to the human world.

6. That they are smart enough to take the form of the platoon leader’s mother. Kind of a mean move, but still very, very genius.

Ok, so currently I am hating every single person who has ever even been on the set of this season of Doctor Who, from Executive Producer Steven Moffat to the boom operator. I hate this cliffhanger, to-be-continued ending. Why couldn't they have done a simple double feature?

(Wade Smith is our guest teen blogger and a Doctor Who addict.)

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