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Six great lines of "The Woman Who LIved," Season 9, episode 6

Maybe he's growing on me, but probably not.


Maybe he's growing on me, but probably not.



1. "Show-ff."  This was a great intro for the episode. Although I don't like Peter Capaldi, he definitely nailed this line.


2. "No not the puns. No puns." The Doctor may be very different from humans in most way, but like every single human I know, he hates puns.


3. "Kill him and you'll make an enemy out of me." Finally the Doctor is merciful. I enjoyed this episode because the Doctor was put in an uncomfortable situaiton and it was fun to see the way he dealt with it.


4. "What happened to you."


5. "Enemies are never the problem. It's your friends you have to watch out for."

A Doctor Who twist on "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," and good advice for all time traelers as well as the rest of us.


6. "For an anteater maybe."


Wade Smith is a teen fan of Doctor Who, a guest blogger and son of Tampa Bay Times reporters Katherine Snow Smith and Adam Smith.



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