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Star Wars Week: Leia bun cupcakes, TIE fighter s’mores, blue milk and other simple Star Wars snacks

Leia bun cupcakes are really just cupcakes with Oreos attached.


Leia bun cupcakes are really just cupcakes with Oreos attached.



Editor's note: With the seventh part in the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens, arriving in theaters this week, we're celebrating all things geeky from a galaxy far, far away this week here on the Feed. From helping get you up to speed on what you need to know to offering recipes for a Star Wars marathon and joining the debate on which order to watch the movies in, we've got you covered, rebel scum.

When it comes to eating like a Jedi, you've got plenty of options. There are official cookbooks. The Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain came up with a whole Star Wars based menu (especially intrigued by the nerf strips, especially if they come with a certain scruffy-looking nerf herder). And you have my eternal respect if you can master these tauntaun cookies from the official Star Wars blog. But if your goal is really just cute and simple ... trust me, I feel ya. Here's some ideas I've put to use at my Star Wars parties.

Leia Oreo Bun Cupcakes

The main thing these cupcakes have going for them is that they're adorable. They're also not complicated. Essentially, they're just cupcakes with white frosting that are then adorned with Oreos as buns — I stick them on with just a little extra frosting. Optional is adding cute little eyes and a mouth to the cupcake face. You can make frosting and cupcakes from scratch (recommend these!) or you can make it right out of a box.

TIE fighter s'mores

Assembled from graham crackers, chocolate spread (i.e. Nutella or Hershey's) or peanut butter and marshmallows, these treats are the peak of simplicity. Slather some of your gooey stuff of choice on the ends of a marshmallow and just stick it to graham crackers. I bought chocolate grahams this time to bolster the look, and you could take it a step farther and clip the corners. But folks will get the idea — and eat them - even without the extra effort.

Wookiee cookies

Sure, Christmas cookies dominate the landscape this time of year, but you can surely recycle that gingerbread man mold for some of the galaxy far, far away's characters. Here are some photos of cookies my siblings and I made a few years ago for May the Fourth (Be With You) for inspiration (you can see, from top left, an unidentified sprinkle-covered Jedi, Ki Adi Mundi, Kit Fisto, the Emperor and his Force lightning, Yoda and General Grievous). We used a very basic sugar cookie recipe, kind of like this one, and some food coloring, and you could even use a mix or premade refrigerated dough.

Here's Jabba the Hutt.

That's Aayla Secura and hand-less Luke (or Anakin!).

Bantha Milk (Blue Milk)

When it comes to Star Wars drinks, apparently blue milk — like Aunt Beru serves with dinner in A New Hope — is the go-to. Various recipes for concocting your own alcoholic version of the milk from a bantha (yes, that's what it's supposed to be) abound, but I found most too complicated for something known as "blue milk." I simply poured a glass of cold Rumchata, added a shot of blue curacao and a (totally optional) dash of coconut rum to help the flavors blend. Stir to make the colors mix and voila — blue milk. If you're going for a more family friendly party vibe, you can also easily add a few drops of food coloring to regular ol' milk, which I'd welcome with all these sweets anyway.

"The BB-8"

Credit for this cocktail tribute goes to fellow Times staffer Lydia Harvey. Just mix orange juice and vodka (preferably whipped) — yes, known otherwise as a screwdriver — in tribute to the most adorable orange and white droid in the galaxy, BB-8.

Other cool drink options I've seen

Geek Girl Brunch has an entire list as does DrinkLab, but some of my favorites include Tatooine Sunrise, which is really just a tequila sunrise that doesn't factor in a second sun, and the Han Solo, which is just the Harrison Ford cocktail: 1 ½ oz coffee liqueur, 3 oz Irish cream, 2 ¼ oz vodka. Except in a galaxy far, far away, they drink caf, not coffee.

Star Wars treats that you can just buy

Let's face it — you may not always have time to bake a few dozen cookies and cupcakes. Luckily for you, the marketing blitz leading up to The Force Awakens has made geeky foodstuffs readily available, including: fruit snacks, Campbell's soups and Spaghetti-Os, Coffeemate creamer, Jell-O molds, Kraft macaroni and cheese, Jelly Belly galaxy jelly beans, Cheez-Its. You can even order the above cakes from Baskin Robbins! On and on the list does go. Hmm.

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