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Survivor recap: Culpeppers a target in a night of firsts

We could have just witnessed the birth of Brad Culpepper's political career.


We could have just witnessed the birth of Brad Culpepper's political career.



It was a night of firsts: The first time a husband and wife battled on Redemption Island. The first time an immunity clue was refused. And the first time Tampa Bay viewers yelled so much at the TV while Brad Culpepper was on since he wore a Bucs uniform.

The rules are different on Survivor: Blood vs. Water. The castaways, which include ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneer Brad Culpepper and his Survivor alum wife, Monica, know booting a tribe member off can have a ripple effect for their loved one on the other tribe. “Is there ever going to be a duel where my husband isn’t  verbally accosted?” Monica asked aloud after another particularly spiteful meeting of the two tribes.

Brad has been shot the bird and  shouted a big “F-U Brad Culpepper!” by castaways who blame him for their ouster. He was once again shouted at when John and Candice won the immunity clue (actually John won, but Candice is the brains of the operation) and they "targeted" Monica with the immunity clue. Normally this is a coveted perk, a clue to find a hidden idol that can save you from ouster. The Culpeppers are very much in need of such a talisman. Nope, Monica said. You can't do that to me. She threw it in the fire rather than take the target Candice tried to put on her back. Not sure that was a smart move there, Mon, but we'll see.

At the immunity challenge, puzzles once again proved the undoing of Brad Culpepper's team dominated by strong-backed men. The men joined together as an alliance early on to boot off the weak women, but it seems the women of the Survivor veterans team are unbeatable at puzzles. 

In what Jeff Probst called one of the “most shocking votes” ever at Tribal Council, a distrusting Caleb announced “I’m putting Brad’s name down,”  just minutes before voting. The women -- who have been Culpepper's target at most of the Tribal Councils -- quickly fell in line and it was a tie. On a re-vote Culpepper (as Jeff loves to call him) was simply "Brad" on the deciding vote and was sent to Redemption Island. He wasn’t voted out, but he is possibly on his way.

"Well that was one of the most shocking votes and potentially one of the biggest shifts of power that has ever happened at Tribal Council," Probst told the stunned tribe.

Culpepper -- who I'm thinking has a political future when you see his skills in action -- immediately patted Caleb on the back and said "Well played. I'm not mad at you." He then went down the line patting backs, wishing good luck and good naturedly saying, "I'll try to get back in."

A stunned Cierra, who just missed by inches being the one booted off, just shook her head with a "Can you believe this guy?" look on her face.

His parting words to his tribe:  "I'm not mad at you. I made a bad move."

As Jeff bid him to Redemption Island Brad said, "That's going to be fun." Hoo boy! Candice, who hates Brad with the heat of a thousand suns, is there with her husband, who Brad had booted off. Can you spell A-W-K-W-A-R-D?

Ever the politician, Brad is shown gently waking the sleeping couple up and his first words are, "Before you guys hit me, I'm waving the white flag." Awwww, C'mere you big lug! Who can stay mad at you? Well... maybe Candice. We'll see. That's certainly going to be one heck of a duel on Redemption Island next week. Let's just hope it's not a puzzle.

[Last modified: Wednesday, October 9, 2013 10:39pm]


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