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'The Bachelor,' Season 20, Episode 10: 10 takeaways from the attack of the also-rans

Lace, we know, we'll be seeing this summer on Bachelor in Paradise. The guy with the Lace tattoo? Probably bound to make the local news somewhere.


Lace, we know, we'll be seeing this summer on Bachelor in Paradise. The guy with the Lace tattoo? Probably bound to make the local news somewhere.



Monday night was The Women Tell All episode and like most of this season it was less than satisfying. Some women (Jubilee and Caila) crept right up to the line of calling Ben on his foolishness, but backed off after hearing more self-esteem pep talks from America's Little League Coach. 

So without further ado, here are the 10 things I learned from last night's finger pointing session:

1. Jami and Amber's animosity toward Jubilee was based on off-camera race comments. Apparently, Jubilee's flippant remarks extended into the racial arena. Shushana, Amber and Jami claim she said she would be the first "full black" girl to make it far in the show. Both Amber and Jami are biracial and took offense. Jubes initially denied the comment, before owning it and apologizing at Shushana's request. Jubes cried a bit about the attack and losing Ben, but seemed #unbothered while announcing that she's been promoted to Sergeant in the Army reserves.

2. Tiara's chicken was not ready for primtetime. Sheila the chicken made her second national television appearance and promptly flew over to Lace and then onto the stage before being scooped back into Tiara's arms where she will recede into anonymity like her owner.

3. Lace came back with highlights and a cute "lob" (long bob haircut.) After months of self-reflection following her dramatically quitting the contest, she's dated some guys, stopped using the word crazy and watches her hilarious facial expressions. The Bachelor really wasn't a good fit for her but not so much that she turned down being casted for this summer's Bachelor in Paradise

4. Chris Harrison is safety first kind of guy. When some super fan popped out of the crowd to show Lace his Lace tattoo, Chris let him up on stage but didn't let the oddball touch her. "We need better security," he mused.

5. Olivia's been brought to task by America's single moms for saying Ben should run screaming from Amanda. Among the women who had issues with Olivia's brash, domineering style, only Amanda and Emily had any significant time with Ben. Her other detractors were the also-rans who lost screen time because of her scenery chewing. She admitted she deserved hate from the moms, but balked at the online vitriol she received. "I had to turn over my social accounts to my sister because it's a tough time right now," she said. 

6. Chris Harrison could not wring tears out of Caila -- no matter how hard he tried. He asked her about seeing Ben's relationships with JoJo and Lauren B. He asked her about being the only one Ben didn't love. He asked her if she still missed him. He got nada from Caila. She paused. Her eyes water. And then she moved on to the next one.

7. Amanda won the imaginary prize for Miss Congeniality. She responded to Olivia's comments with the not-at-all-cutthroat, "Being a mom is my jam." And then she wished Ben the best and told him "Every woman in America died a little bit watching you chase those little girls around on the beach."

8. Emily and Haley are still salty about everything that Olivia said but took no ownership of anything that they said about her. The twins went on the offensive when Olivia was in the hot seat, calling her to the carpet on indirectly calling Haley slutty for her outfit, grabbing Ben first at the cocktail parties and making condescending comments about her her hobbies being reading and wanting to "talk smart things." Only Leah reminded them that they spent the entire show body shaming Olivia about everything. "Having people talk about my breath, and my toes and my breasts, that sucks," Olivia cried.

9. Jubilee called a spade and spade. She asked Ben why she didn't the benefit of the doubt he extended to Caila and JoJo, who had both shut down and closed themselves off. "I felt like you put all the blame on me instead of just saying you couldn't see it with me," she deadpanned. That's exactly what I'd been saying all along.

10. We're still in the dark about who will be the next Bachelorette. ABC's hinted that the next leading lady will be "diverse" but that leaves the door open for Caila and Jubilee who were both well received by the public. Jubilee would obviously be the harder sell because of her early exit, but if Caila was the heir apparent Harrison had plenty of chances to announce that fact. 

We've only got one more week to see if Ben picks the blonde or the brunette. The suspense is killing me.

[Last modified: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 1:17pm]


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