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The best horror movies to stream on Shudder, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu



In my world, Halloween is a year-round season. I will watch A Nightmare on Elm Street on Valentine's Day, The Exorcist on Easter and Interview With the Vampire during the holidays. Judge me.

But I get it, some people only want to be scared during the month of October. That's cool. Luckily, streaming services make it that much easier to get the horror you want when you want it. These are some of the best horror flicks I've found on these streaming services, and they are by no means the only great scary movies out there. Also, many of these are available on multiple streaming services.


Horror is my life. I want to be able to pick the genre of gore I'm in the mood for. Also, I'd like access to the classics for when I'm feeling fancy.

Because Shudder is for the horror enthusiast, it features collections to browse depending on your mood or fancy: Alien Intruders, Foundations of Horror, Flesh-Eating Frenzy, Gross Anatomy, Monster Mash and more.

Sleepaway Camp: Come for the ultra-short shorts, crop tops and scrunchies. Stay for the twist at the end that will leave you shook.

V/H/S: An anthology of found-footage shorts that aren't necessarily connected, but are terrifying and disturbing in their own rights. This is one is great for people who think horror movies stop being scary after they go past a certain number of minutes.

An American Werewolf in London: "Beware the moon, lads."

Nosferatu: A silent classic where the vampire trope began. This will probably not scare you, but it's an essential watch for anyone who considers themselves a horror fan.

Night of the Living Dead: An essential watch for zombie-lovers. George Romero's undead classic was followed by Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead, which gave Greg Nicotero (executive producer of The Walking Dead) his first big gig as a special effects makeup artist.

Let the Right One In: The Swedish original story of a bullied boy who falls in love with a vampire girl.

Antiviral: When obsession with celebrities and celeb culture goes too far. It'll make you wonder, would anyone do this with the Kardashians?

They Look Like People: A guy starts getting phone calls about monstrous creatures taking over human bodies, but is it real or is he just losing his mind?

Subscriptions $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.


Is there a horror flick out there that would pair well with a Stranger Things obsession? Asking for a friend.

The Babadook: A widowed mother doesn't listen when her son tells her a monster is haunting their home when it escapes the pages of a children's book.

Children of the Corn: Will make you even more terrified of children and corn fields.

Zombeavers: Don't read the reviews. Don't even read the synopsis. Just watch and enjoy the campy masterpiece.

Dark Skies: *Aliens*

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night: Skateboarding Iranian vampire preys on men who disrespect women.

Hush: A young, deaf author lives alone in the woods and is terrorized by a masked man out for blood. Hush is a genuinely terrifying and suspenseful thriller.

Subscriptions start at $7.99 per month.


I want the essential scares, but throw in some new stuff and thrillers as well.

The Witch: One of the best horror movies to come out in the past couple of years. Though it would best be categorized as an artsy thriller, The Witch follows strange happenings surrounding a New England family in 1630. Come for the authentic Puritan language; stay for the terrifying Black Philip.

Gremlins: No bright light, don't get them wet, never feed them after midnight.

Interview With the Vampire: If you're not here for Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise as majestic and terrifying vampires what are you here for?

Cloverfield: A J.J. Abrams mind-bender. Will make you say, what is even happening? Also, is that T.J. Miller?

Misery: Kathy Bates is a sadistic fangirl of a famous author.

Rosemary's Baby: Innocent woman gives birth to demonic child. The scariest part is seeing how little rights a woman had to her own body and health in 1968.

Movies and TV shows are available to rent with varying costs per selection. An Amazon Prime membership  which includes free streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows — is $99 per year.


I like ~ artisanal ~ horror movies.

The Innkeepers: The last two remaining employees of a supposedly haunted hotel go on the hunt for ghosts.

Them: A French-Romanian horror flick detailing the nightmares along a deserted road in Bucharest.

The Jeffrey Dahmer Files: Get your true crime/serial killer documentary fix here.

Killer Legends: Get the scary truth behind some of the most famous urban legends in this documentary.

Eraserhead: David Lynch's bizarre and slightly disgusting otherworldly classic.

Haunter: Fresh twists on the typical haunted house and ghost story.

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