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'The Walking Dead' S4 Ep7: Golf lessons with the Governor

Fore Play: The Governor works on his "slice" with Martinez


Fore Play: The Governor works on his "slice" with Martinez



"I should have taken some golf lessons." WHAM! And all was right with the world. Perhaps the Governor (aka One Eyed Bri aka Brian Heriot aka the worst golf coach ever) was in a "fugue state" a la Breaking Bad's Walter White last week, when The Walking Dead's most awesomely heinous villain was suddenly a decent chap, shuffling about seeking solace and redemption.

Because THIS week, after a few creepy "pumpkins" with his newfangled daughter Megan, the Gov shockingly returned to form -- and so did the No. 1 show on cable TV. Gadzooks, gorehounds. These have been woefully uneven days in the zombie apocalypse, but hoo boy, did Episode 7 deliver with chills and thrills (and underwater zombies, always a good sign). The Gov was rescued from a pit of undead awfulness by old lieutenant Martinez, who warily took his old boss into a new safehaven. Bad for you; good for us.

Just like the hashtag said: #MeettheNewBoss. Realizing that his new home and new family were unsafe (even though his new digs come equipped with a tank!), the Governor took matters -- and what appeared to be a 7-iron -- into his own hands. He tried to resist: "I don't want it!" But when he feels threatened, and then catches a whiff of power, old habits come roaring back; couple that with a new parental responsibility (enough with the hide-and-seek, kid), and look out. Power corrupts...and kills. So as Martinez whacked golfballs off the top of an RV, and treated the simmering Governor like a caddy, well, let's just say our favorite Psychotic Cyclops decided to work on his slice. WHAM! Guess who's back? Shady's back...

"Everyone loves a hero," the Governor said, perhaps even fancying himself one.

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE EPISODE? You can let us know here, or at our Twitter home, or over at my Facebook domicile. Me? I loved it. I believe the Governor is someone who will do anything to protect himself and a loved one -- "the only way," he called it. (That he was apparently abused as a child felt forced narrative-wise, but hey, it does explain things.) The whole hour leading up to next Sunday's midseason shoot-out made me blissfully uncomfortable, from the chilly music in the preface ("Were you bad?" "Sometimes") to the Governor building a new army (out with the good Pete, in with the socially maladjusted Mitch) to that brilliant shot of Zombie Pete struggling at the bottom of the lake, a fanboy-goosing nod to the Governor's old aquarium of heads.

I'm sure more than a few of you are irked that the show has totally abandoned Michonne and Daryl and the rest of the prison gang for what seems like eons now. That's risky storytelling for sure. But last night's episode paid off, a master class in tension-building from showrunner Scott Gimple & Co. And did you see the preview for next week? The Battle for the Prison Part Deux: The Governor's Tank vs. Carl's Hat!! Before the show goes bye-bye for a few months, we're gonna get a healthy helping of chaos. And this time, you better believe someone big is going down.

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