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'The Walking Dead,' Season 6 Episode 10: Jesus take the wheel

The Daryl and Rick bromance continues during their supply run for sorghum, soda and medical supplies.


The Daryl and Rick bromance continues during their supply run for sorghum, soda and medical supplies.



Things escalated quickly Sunday night on The Walking Dead. The remaining residents of Alexandria seem to be settling into their new domestic life quite nicely, with Carl healed from a bullet to his eye, Denise making soda requests from Daryl and Rick on their next supply run and Michonne complaining about someone using all the toothpaste.

A small sense of normalcy settled into the community, even after the bloodbath that littered the streets with walkers.

Aaaaaannddd the normalcy is over.

During a bromantic supply run to pick up medical supplies, food, sorghum (aka, the envy of all corns) at Eugene's request and orange soda for Denise to give to her boo, Rick and Daryl come across something they haven't seen for months — another human.

This bandana- and beanie-clad man "bumps into" Rick. The niceties are overlooked when they both lie about having camps and Rick and Daryl just catch his name as he jogs away.

His name is Paul, but his friends usually call him Jesus.

This is where you need to pay attention.

No, he is not the messiah. But he's probably the closest to a chosen one the people of Alexandria are going to get in this world.

Without giving away too much, Jesus in the comics is the leader of the Hilltop colony, a community similar to Alexandria but much larger.

In one of the most ridiculous scenes yet on this show, Jesus steals the truck full of food from Rick and Daryl, they steal it back and then they managed to accidentally drive it into a lake.

It was basically the silliest game of tag between three grown men, and all of them lost. Actually, I think Jesus is "it" next.

Sorry about your toothpaste, Michonne. It's currently at the bottom of a lake.

The tussle between the three left Jesus passed out and tied up in the backseat of Rick and Daryl's car, on the way to see the camp they don't have.

This episode took place over just one day in Alexandria. Even a seemingly normal day still has its ups and downs in a larger world filled with the dead.

Michonne struggled to comfort a grieving Spencer, whose trips into the woods finally lead him to finding his mother Deanna, who's now become a walker. He took a little comfort after sliding a knife into her skull.

Earlier, Carl and Enid found walker Deanna roaming the woods, but Carl didn't want to kill it. 

"It should be someone who loved her. Someone who's family," he says later to Michonne. "I'd do it for you."

Carl is back to his normal, rebellious self sans one eye. He adorably played big brother to baby Judith and still reads comics out in the woods with Enid.

Glenn was reunited with Maggie thanks to Enid, so Maggie attempts to show her thanks. Glenn may have cracked Enid's tough shell, but she's still far from cementing her place and feeling at home in the community.

At the end of the day, Rick and Daryl make it back with Jesus, still passed out and tied up in the unfinished basement of the infirmary.

Rick and Michonne both relax on the couch and swapped vague war stories of their hectic days. Instead of the spearmint toothpaste she wanted, Rick gave her a pack of mints from a vending machine they smashed open.

And then they made out. And then took off each other's clothes.

Anyone else NOT see that coming?

In the comics, shortly after Jessie and her son die, Rick shacks up with Andrea (who is still alive and is a bada** sniper). The two become almost co-leaders of the community, with Andrea being Rick's right-hand gal. Besides being his partner, Andrea also becomes a sort of stepmother to Carl.

Andrea in the show is long dead, so it looks like Michonne is going to become Rick's new beau. She, Rick, Carl and Judith make the cutest little family.

#Richonne #Powercouple

Sleeping in the buff, they're both startled awake by Jesus at the end of their bed. Because of course he made it out of his ropes. BUT WHO IS EVEN PAYING ATTENTION TO JESUS? MICHONNE AND RICK JUST HAD SEX FOR GOODNESS' SAKE.

Fear not, Jesus is a good guy. He said so himself. He even saved Daryl from a walker while Daryl was trying to drag him out of the stolen truck. He's the next step on the road to Negan and The Saviors, which is something to be terrifyingly excited about.

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