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'The Walking Dead,' Season 6, Episode 11: Deal or no deal

In 'Knots Untie' Jesus shows Rick and his group the Hilltop and the problem they faced since the walls went up.


In 'Knots Untie' Jesus shows Rick and his group the Hilltop and the problem they faced since the walls went up.



Abraham is having a mid-apocalypse crisis.

First it was his confession-style speech to Sasha in full dress blues. Now his close friendship with Sasha is distracting him from his beau, Rosita, and failing to focus on tasks at hand with Rick.

Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead opened with him and Sasha chatting after they finished their guard rounds, and ends with him gazing fondly at Maggie's ultrasound photo of her and Glenn's little nugget.

In between Abraham woke up distracted next to Rosita. She gave him a handmade necklace made of a piece of a broken brake light as a token of her affection for him. It's a solid sign their relationship is in its last days, especially since he lost less than a day later.

He almost killed one of Jesus' men, then almost gets killed by another. Both times he saw and heard flashes of Sasha talking to him.

He's quickly realizing his feelings for her go beyond lust and platonic affection.

Through all this, Abraham took time to ask the important questions.

"When you were mixing the bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?" He said, asking Glenn if he intended to get Maggie pregnant.

"How long do you think Rick and Michonne been umping bugglies?" He asked Daryl, while also asking if Daryl ever considered settling down with someone.

But more important things happened in "Knots Untie" than witnessing Abraham's mixed feelings and awkward questions.

After Jesus (you know, the one with the baby blue eyes and beautiful brown locks) escaped from the infirmary and surprised Rick and Michonne in flagrante delicto, he hung out on Rick's stairs waiting for them to get dressed.

Carl finds him, puts a gun to his head and asked what the hell he is doing in their house. Carl's face when Jesus tells him he was patiently waiting for his mom and dad to get dressed is EVERYTHING.

Of course, a disturbance at the Grimes house elicits a response from almost everyone in the community. Soon enough Daryl, Glenn, Denise, Abraham and a few others are all pointing their guns at Jesus. Their faces when Michonne and a shirtless Rick emerge from his bedroom are also everything.

The next day Jesus explained how he got out blah blah blah but that's not important. He didn't just escape to find Rick, he took stock of Alexandria's supplies - food, ammunition and the number of inhabitants.

He's still trying to get them to trust him, and offered to show Rick and his team the community where he comes from. Jesus wants to add Alexandria to their network of trading communities. They need food; Jesus' people need protection.

Maggie questioned the existence of other communities. Jesus is the only person they've encountered outside in months.

"Your world is about to get a whole lot bigger," he said.

Cue a trip to the Hilltop, home of Jesus, leader Gregory and people who made it out of FEMA camps when the sickness started.

On the road to the Hilltop, the group in the RV find a wrecked car near some abandoned buildings. The people who survived the wreck are from the Hilltop, including the community's doctor.

The team and the few they rescued make it to the Hilltop, a relatively small community set on top of a hill (duh) protected by a tall, wooden fence.

Inside there are large trailers housing inhabitants, plots for crops and livestock and outdoor cooking areas. It's all overseen by a large mansion called the Barrington House. Once a museum for school field trips, the Barrington House now houses those who couldn't fit in the trailers and the leader of the Hilltop, Gregory.

Unlike their first steps in Alexandria, Rick and his group are allowed to keep their weapons on them. Another Jesus attempt to get them to trust him.

But Gregory makes trusting and respecting the Hilltop a bit of a challenge. To put it gently, he's an arrogant coward who puts on a front of sophistication and power. It's clear by the way the Hilltop people look at Jesus that he is the one who is really holding this community together.

Rick smartly declined being the one to reason with Gregory, and sends Maggie in his stead.

After demeaningly calling Maggie ‘Natalie' and ‘honey' during their meeting, Maggie clearly had enough of Gregory's mansplaining. She refused his deal of trading goods for services.

But after a group of Hilltop members return from making a drop, Gregory has a change of heart and Rick and his people got a clearer picture of the larger world they just became a part of.

Not all the members of that Hilltop group made it back. One, Ethan, tells of a few killed and one being held hostage by Negan, who wanted Ethan to deliver a message.

The message was stabbing Gregory in the stomach.

A fight erupts, guns are drawn, Abraham gets choked, Rick almost had his throat cut and stabs Ethan in the neck ending the brawl. Again, Rick is covered in someone else's blood.

"What?" He asked everyone staring at him in horror.

A woman punched Rick for killing Ethan, to which Michonne responded by throwing said woman on the ground. Don't mess with her boo.

Unfortunately, mansplainer Gregory survived the stabbing. The only good parts about this is that Alexandria and the Hilltop agreed on a trade deal and Jesus explained their situation with Negan's Saviors.

The Saviors have tormented the Hilltop for some time now, since its walls went up. They didn't negotiate or try to establish a larger community with the Hilltop. They simply demanded half of everything the community had with a promise of not killing them.

The Saviors solidified their power by brutally murdering a teenage boy in front of the entire community.

The people of the Hilltop have been sacrificing half of their goods every since, making drops at various locations for the Saviors.

Rick's group was quick to propose a plan. Maggie negotiated a risky deal with Gregory: the Hilltop gives Alexandria half of everything they have right now in exchange for ridding the world of Negan and his Saviors.

It's a great plan if it works. Though Rick and his people, specifically Maggie and Daryl, seem to be riding on the high of knowing their previous enemies are no longer alive.

The episode ends with the group riding back to Alexandria, stewing over their plan to confront yet another enemy and celebrating Maggie's pregnancy.

It just so happens that the Hilltop's doctor is an obstetrician, who confirmed the pregnancy with an ultrasound in the medical trailer.

Let's hope this isn't the last peaceful moment the group sees for a while.

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